I have a finish and it's Friday, smiles all round :)

This is my 'Not So Charming Rainbow Stars Quilt'. It has given me a few problems, it's not perfect, it's kinda small at 41"x41" but I completely adore it:

let's just ignore that big crease down the middle
 where it dried on the radiator shall we?!

I did a bit of straight line quilting in between the blocks and this is the first quilt I have done a 'proper' free motion quilting pattern on, inspired by Leah Day's Echo Shortcut design.

I enjoyed every second of it - except the part when I realised I'd done one block with cream thread on the back instead of the coordinating thread I was supposed to be using (that's what happens when I leave something a couple of days and come back to it!!). I was not about to unpick all the fmq so the mistake will have to live there - it's not too horribly noticeable and just contributes to the 'not so charming' aspect!

The backing was given to me by my mum and I've fallen deeply in love with it despite it not really being my sort of thing at all!!

I'm happy with the new addition to our house and nearly keeled over when my husband actually said that this is his favourite quilt I've made so far, partially because he thinks it "looks like it took skill". Compliments indeed, he seems to have fallen for it's charm too!

I had a very exciting package from the talented Emily arrive, very cutely wrapped :)

After seeing the lovely Dala pouch she made for Nicky and knowing she's trying to raise funds to come to the Fat Quaterly Retreat in June, I commissioned a pouch of my own!

I must say this is to celebrate the Fugly fabric party I'm hosting and we agreed that she use some actual fugly fabric in making it - if you'd like her to make you one I'm sure she would use more pretties like she usually does!! ;)

Having said that though, it's blinking cool!! I love the pigs on the back and I LOVE writing so the simple 'fugly' on the front and label on the inside are perfect.

She also included some little treats, a cute felt heart and sweet little button brooch that my daughter thinks is magic! Thank you so much Emily!
Clearly she has excellent taste so get in touch with her if you think you can help contribute to her making her way to meet us in London. I for one would very much like her to come!! She blogs over at Strawberry Patch so go say hi :)

Also take a look at the Fugly Fabric Party, which is here on Tuesday - there's a nice giveaway too!

Charm About You

Now I'm off to continue playing with these:

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