Why am I sore? Partly because I'm full of yucky cold but also because I spent the evening cutting my Stained QAL blocks (the button for the QAL is on the right and all the details can be found by clicking it)!

Sarah kindly gave me some motivation last night (oh really, Hadley did it in one evening??). Well, that was the kick I needed! ;)

It really didn't take too long, Sarah has great instructions and I managed to do this watching America's Next Top Model and the Oscar highlights, so it was pretty entertaining! I have some good size scraps left too, which is always nice.

So just need to get the Pezzy Quilt done and I can get sewing - seriously though how long is that taking me, it's really simple and so far I've done one row??! Serious lack of motivation round these parts.

I did smile when this lovely parcel arrived though (the packaging reminds me of my Hacienda quilt!). I won these in a giveaway from the lovely Caroline of Obsessively Stitching - she has loads of cute tutorials on her blog, especially for kiddies (I must make those three little pig finger puppets!):

I chose the Eden I Spy pack from Crafterhours. There's lots of cute prints, here's some of my favourites from this set:

Oh and don't feel bad about my back, my completely amazing husband very thoughtfully brought me a hot water bottle home last night (he went to Asda especially and of his own accord)!! It is so comforting :) Have I mentioned how much I adore him??!