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Thank you to everyone for your kind Anniversary wishes yesterday!

The secret is finally out... the quilt I've been working on was for my husband, a gift for our 5th wedding anniversary, the Johnny Cash quilt:

I had the idea for this last September after seeing Sarah's gorgeous quilt. I knew I'd write the words to 'If I were a Carpenter' because it is our song (and I know it should be 'baby' but we have two!!). Here's some night shots with the man himself holding it (that's my husband not Johnny Cash obviously!!), you can see the quilting a little better in these ones. I pretty much copied Sarah here too and just did some quick random lines to reflect our haphazard relationship!!:

I managed to do three blocks last October and then got distracted so it's been a scramble to get it finished in time. I changed up the fabric for the letters a few times, using up scraps and even used some that I was given by a friend last week! And yes I was sewing the binding on yesterday before he got home!! Last minute Lucy.

I was making it up but finding it really difficult I don't do maths or planning very well and I struggled a bit so I bought Tonya Ricucci's book:

This helped a lot!! I followed the tips and starting some unruly cutting :)

I used the DS fabric Kaelin sent me for the binding and I think it looks cute and helps lift the quilt.

One thing I especially love is because it's double sided it looks cool whichever way you fold it!

In other sewing news, I want to challenge myself and having seen so much cute embroidery out there I ordered myself this cute kit from Sublime Stitching and a couple of patterns. It came really quickly and I love it! It includes instructions thank goodness:

A wonderful friend and her lovely husband from London came to visit me yesterday. I don't get to see them as much as I'd like but we had a nice chat and the kids were loving them!  They even brought gifts :) for my belated birthday.
She made me this cute dishcloth (not sure I will be able to bring myself to use it as that!!) and some delicious homemade Clementine marmalade, named 'Oh my darling!':

As if that wasn't enough, explaining they were having a bit of a clear out, she also gave me some fabric because she knew I'd make use of it:

Seriously??!!! I honestly nearly cried. I'm sure she saw me welling up. She didn't know it was one of my favourites or even that it was the glorious Hope Valley but the girl has seriously good taste!! I think she bought it in London but never used it for anything. I am so glad she thought of me!
If you are reading this thank you so much sweetie! I love the homemade gorgeousness :)

Oh and by funny chance I was doing a quick bit of blog reading yesterday, look what popped up: