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Spring will soon be upon us and it's a perfect time to think about sorting through your fabrics, organising and planning. Spring cleans always make me smile and with that in mind I'm excited to announce another linky fabric party. This one is different from the Fugly Fabric Party because this time we're officially swapping yummies!!  And I'm joining in ;)

The awesome Krista at Krista Stitched emailed me with the idea and she came up with the fabulous name. The party will be hosted here but if you like the idea please pop over and thank her :)

The idea is to swap those fabrics that you've had lying around for a while, things you're tired of and those you're not sure you'll ever use. It's an opportunity for you to put out a call to swap for fabrics you've been hankering after or have a nosy at what people are offering up!

There are some rules this time and we want to keep things as fair as possible so that we can all have fun fabric swapping.

Here are the rules:

- Offer to swap a fat quarter (18" x 22") of good quality quilting cotton fabric.
- You can offer as many as you like but must be willing to swap each one individually (so no bundles please), although if someone wants to swap more than one with you obviously that's fine.
- You must be able to swap internationally, if you're swapping one fat quarter the costs shouldn't be too high. Of course you can chose to swap with someone in your own country, just please be open to international swaps. No posts should be limited to only participants of one nation swapping. **I know people are worried about postage costs so that's why I'm trying to limit the fabric amount, please also bear in mind there are slower postage methods you can use that you could arrange with the swaps!!**
- Write a post, add the button to your post and link up!!
- Once you've swapped please edit your post so it's clear your swap is closed.

You can either ask people in your post whether they have specific fabrics you want to swap for or leave it open. When you see some you like let people know what number link you are and see if they want to swap for some of yours.

You can still play if you don't have a blog but you'll have to be able to email pictures or link to a flickr picture of the fabric if people don't know the fabric line already!

The link will open on Tuesday 20th March (the Spring Equinox) and stay open for a week.

It's up to you whether you're quick off the mark to accept swaps or bide your time to see what's out there!

I hope you'll want to play along, please help spread the word by adding the button to your blog and letting people know you're going to play.

Now get sorting through your stash and grabbing the button!

Charm About You
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