Good morning! I hope you're all feeling the love today and enjoy valentines day :)

Thank you to all of those who linked up to the Fugly Fabric Party and made it such a success! Thanks to all those who actually wanted the fugly fabrics too, there was a great response to all the posts.

The link is closed but some of the giveaways are still open so make sure you check back, especially the last few posts :)

Now on to my winner. A Pezzy charm pack will be winging it's way to...

Ok so not winging this time, driving!! Congratulations to Helen from Archie the wonder dog! She has a wonderful blog and makes beautiful things so I'm looking forward to seeing what she'll do with it :)

If you missed out on the fuglies or didn't link up this time stay tuned because there's some planning going on!!

Love to you all :)