Yesterday I had a wonderful package!
The layer cake I won from Maureen Cracknell Handmade arrived!! Whoop whoop! Thanks so much to Maureen and Angie from The Little Fabric Shop for the giveaway :)

Tonight I will be hand stitching binding on my stars quilt:

I think I'm a hand sewing convert. As much as I like machine binding, hand sewing binding is so satisfying. I enjoyed sewing Dave's binding on for the first time and I'm going to do it whenever I have the time!

I'm also going to try again with the bee blessed blocks but it might have to wait until the weekend.

My daughter and I did achieve this today though (I drew round her little hands, she has to take credit for the rest!). It is now proudly displayed in our kitchen!

Also sometimes I light a candle. To think about the people I love. The ones who are with me and the ones who no longer are.

p.s. NO I am NOT a blinking robot and HATE having to prove it when I want to comment. sorry.