Friday, 23 November 2012

Retro Flowers Quilt

I am so happy to be able to show you my finished Retro Flowers Quilt. It has been a long and sometimes arduous journey, which started in April, full of good times and bad. The making of this quilt would not have been possible without the kindness of my wonderful bloggy pals, Deborah, KaelinSusan and Jamie Lee who gave me the beautiful Denyse Schimdt fabric that I used for the petals. Thank you so much! I now have a quilt that will live in our house, made with fabrics I adore that will forever remind me how generous and giving people can be. Also thanks to Megan and Bianca for hosting the Retro Flowers QAL, although I took a lot longer to finish it was the kick I needed to get started!

This quilt was made using the fantastic pattern by Christina - The Sometimes Crafter, which you can get here.

I bought the templates from Tabslot and very glad I did. I didn't use the curve master foot though, I used my regular 1/4" foot and NO PINS, for sewing curves without pins I definitely recommend this youtube tutorial, it makes it so much easier.

I had some help deciding on the layout, in fact my daughter had the final say!

The wonderful trick of taking a black and white photo also confirmed the layout (I did take one at the layout stage but managed to somehow delete it but here's one when it was being basted)

Wouldn't this design look SO cool in monochrome?

The background fabric is Essex Linen in Steel, the binding is Prism Break by Hoffman and the backing is a vintage sheet that belonged to my beloved Great Auntie - so it really is retro flowers.

I quilted it using straight lines at random intervals and got a bit quilty happy - honestly it got to the point where I thought I'd try and use up all the lovely King Tut variegated thread (962) but that baby just kept going and the quilt was getting way too crinkly to add more lines so I stopped. It does have an amazing texture and is so snuggly. Check these out:

For the record my husband's head is not a macbook
The little girl happily chilling - the quilt fits the back of my sofa perfectly,
I couldn't have planned that.

This is an unexpected check off my Finish-A-Long list and I'll be so happy to link this up with Quilter In The Gap at the end of this quarter.

And just to give you an idea of how VERY grey it is here in Manchester:

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  1. It is gorgeous, Lucy. The flowers stand out so well against the linen. Great finish!

  2. it's lovely, and I am so glad your husband has an actual head ;-)

  3. It's stunning Lu! The quilting looks fantastic - and it's always nice to see quilts in action :o)

  4. WOW! beautiful! love how the flowers stand out against the grey and the quilting is fab and love the backing too ! this will be an heirloom I am sure! xx

  5. Well done on the finish, and the flowers look absolutely fabulous, even against that dirty looking Manchester sky! : )

  6. The quilt looks great Lucy! I love the backing too.

  7. Great quilt; it's such a fun pattern, and how great to use fabrics you love for something for YOU!

  8. Great quilt; it's such a fun pattern, and how great to use fabrics you love for something for YOU!

  9. This looks terrific! Congrats on a finish, girl!

  10. Bravo! It's lovely!!!
    I am having 'issues' with my quilting, but hope to be hot on your heels xxx

  11. It is gorgeous and the background makes the lovely DS fabric 'pop'. Di x

  12. Great quilt. I have the pattern and the templates. Maybe 2013? I'm glad you clarified that about your husband's head. :)

  13. Ooh lovely - Retro Flowers + DS = very yummy. Well done on a fab finish.x

  14. Very cute quilt!! I love your fabric choices!

  15. Wow! Looks fab! And more than happy to have played a small part in making it happen! And your little girl looks so sweet and giggly!

  16. Great quilt!! Your use of the vintage fabric from your great aunt adds such a nice touch! And I agree: it would be stunning in grey, too.

  17. It turned out absolutely beautiful! I love how some of the flowers have a different fourth pedal.

  18. Looks wonderful! I totally understand how good it feels to have this one finished! Great finsih!

  19. Lovely! I really like the flowers with the one different petal scattered here and there. It gives the quilt a touch of whimsy. :)

  20. What a beautiful finish! I love the gray background and the fact that you used your aunt's sheet to back it. And, of course, your daughter is adorable!

  21. What a lovely finish. It is so cheerful.

    I am very interested in your pouch hop. How is that going to work. I joined the flickr group. Do we just add pictures? How long does it last? Is there a post about this whole thing and I am just asking silly questions?


  22. I love your quilt, it looks beautiful all done.

  23. Such a pretty quilt! All those curved seams must have been challenging, but it's just lovely. And the vintage sheet makes it special!

  24. I want one! Fab-u-lous, dahling

  25. what a fabulous quilt, well done!

  26. Fabulous (and Joan is looking very cute!)

  27. It looks beautiful Lucy!I love the grey in combination with this fabulous colours! Well done!

  28. Really beautiful - love the pretty fabrics with the grey!

  29. It's gorgeous Lucy. Congrats on such a fab finish! The black and white photo idea is genius - and I love the odd little petals too. Beautiful! x

  30. This is a really wonderful quilt! Congrats on the finish :)

  31. Such a gorgeous quilt, Lucy. I love all the vintage goodness!

  32. So so pretty! I am a pinner when it comes to curves.. never got the non-pin method, may check the youtube video though..

  33. Fantastic, Lucy! It looks awesome!

  34. Oh, it looks gorgeous, Lucy! The flowers really 'pop' against that grey background and love how it looks in black & white too. Well done on a beautiful finish.