I have been pretty productive of late, lots of finishing things up and huge motivation to get things done since I decided just to sew what I love and enjoy - ok I think I'm saying that too much but really it's a revelation and obviously it's the whole point. I just felt overwhelmed by my to do list but when I stopped trying to get it all done in any order or speed it was a weight lifted and it brought the joy back. And yes those baby hormones have a lot to answer for... this is a clear case of sew-nesting people!!


- Starry Starry Notebook cover for the Sew Seasonal Blog Hop

- Bienvenue Baby Quilt

- Donkey Basket

- Vintage Stitchings - After finishing the vintage donkey embroidery last week I decided to sew up another 2. They kind of represent the (nearly) 3 kids and will be hung in the baby's room:

You can find the patterns here.

I love the happy orange bear:

That went well, and I was stitching up the little dog when I realised my mistake:

urm yeah... I forgot the golden rule about transferring patterns and letters being the mirror image. So I did my best to conceal it, at least it still follows the theme:

in progress

- Braid Quilt - I've finished all the rows so they need sewing together and a border

- HFWYGQAL - done a bit of cutting in preparation but no blocks sewn yet - I will catch up though!

- Blogger's BOM quilt - I had great plans of sashing this and trying a different but modern layout. Partially because when I started making these blocks (a year ago!) my 1/4" seam was not consistent and so the blocks vary quite a bit in size. I wanted to get it done though and just could not face sashing at all - it's not my favourite thing to do and with a baby bump this size cutting is getting harder and harder - so I took the easy road and hoped for the best...

I cut some squares of the fabrics I'd used in the blocks and made it into a simple random patchwork. It is no where near perfect, I've cut off lots of the points in the blocks but it still works for me. I actually love how it looks all together. So I'm going to add a simple Kona Ash border and get it quilted!

no progress

- Christmas table cloth
- Rose Star
- Retro Flowers
- Granny Blanket
- Kids project

completed: 4
new projects: 0
in progress: 8

This week I also got these lovelies from my Bee pal Nicky!

Gorgeous, beautiful feathers, an awesome feather siggy block and some fantastic charms :) Thank you Nicky!

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