not because she was mean to me... entirely the opposite. I am in tears over the kindness that just dropped through my door.

The lovely Catherine of Sew Wonderful Life sent me some adorable goodies for the baby and some chocolate for the kiddies! She made this incredibly cute Paddington Bear bib (some of you know how much I love Paddington!)

and she cleverly appliqued two elephants on a burp cloth. I really need burp cloths and muslins (they don't last for more than two babies!!) and this one is almost too cute to use. Though I will because  I want to show it off!

The sweet card she sent was just the icing on the cake, she mentioned the last 6-8 weeks are so tiring and she's right. I've not been sleeping well at all and have really been feeling utterly miserable and fed up. It is hard work being pregnant though I know it's a total blessing at the same time, so feel bad complaining. The joy of preparing is a great distraction. My husband has been up in the attic to retrieve all the baby clobber. We have the moses basket, the cot, and a bunch of baby clothes - although most only start from 6 months. I think the other two used up the smaller clothes and I remember chopping lots of feet off baby grows so I imagine I passed on or threw out the majority. We will need to stock up on those basics. We also have a lot of baby toys, which I soaked in the sink and then hung up to dry:

I always seem to underestimate the kindness of friends I have known for such little time and many of you have pointed out how generous the blogging community can be but I feel undeserving and overwhelmed that anyone would think of me, let alone spend the time to make something for our baby. I'm not having a pity party, I am truly, truly grateful. It is incredibly special knowing that my third baby will have some beautiful things that have been loving made for it.

Thank you Catherine!

Finally my husband pointed out to me that I have now been pregnant for over 2 years all together. This explains a lot...

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