... for several reasons really:

Being the size of a house and with only about 6 weeks until Baby Charm (named by Heather!) shows up; I can't walk very far anymore, or carry things, or do anything useful. I learnt this after a quick trip to the shops the other day to get some fruit etc. and nearly collapsing by the time I got home. It is so frustrating!!!
- Oh and please don't give me any lectures - I already had a big one from my husband and MIL - I promise I will give up attempting anything or doing anything physical and I will have to be accepting of all the help I can (even if it means I have to ask him to bring some milk home everyday!!). I sit down to move the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer so I am already learning new ways :)

My little girl turned 3 this weekend so I feel like I officially no longer have any toddlers, just proper children. That might sound strange but 2 is still so little and 3 somehow seems so different, she'll be going to nursery school next September.  I am imagining the baby arriving is going to age me further!
I know all mother's say it but my gosh they grow so very fast.

I have my son off school today because he's poorly - coughing all night :(
We will see how long my patience lasts, although I have high hopes of getting them to work on the kid's project that I've been ignoring - it would be great to finish it together...

I did these embroideries a while ago
 - they are from the book 'Sublime Stitching'

I also have a box of Fruit Loops sitting in the cupboard and since no one actually seems to like eating them as cereal I am thinking of making this recipe this afternoon. I was tempted by the yummy looking 'treats' you can make but I have no marshmallows. I will let you know how they work out!

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