Wednesday, 25 April 2012

If I had a bigger sewing space would it still be a hot mess?

because this is the shocking state of my sewing table right now!

I DO NOT like mess!!
I really have to get to sewing to clear this lot up!!

So onto what's been occurring this week...


not a whole lot, in fact only this mini quilt, I did fanny about with picmonkey and made a pattern if you'd like to make one yourself!

- Big Polaroid Picture

- Name Swap
I also got to reveal the name tag I made for my lovely partner to wear at the Fat Quarterly Retreat:

new projects

- Secret Swaps
Going along with the embroidery theme I also made a start on the secret swaps for the retreat too.

An explanation because my husband wasn't sure what these were. Clockwise from top left: a spilt bowl of water; a cracked egg; a kitchen timer ; salt and pepper pots (he did get that one) 
Ultimately these will be making their way onto tea towels. I really wanted to make something people would use and doesn't everyone need tea towels??? Let me know if you'd like tea towels fellow swappers? (If if helps the tea towels themselves are 50% cotton, 50% linen and could always be cut up into lining fabric or something else if you hated them!!). I'll show you more progress when I've made it!

Oh and Susan knows why that salt pot is nearly empty ;) I love French knots but they are time consuming!

- New Kitchen Rug
I just couldn't resist making this tutorial by So Sue, when I saw it at Sew We Quilt (Madame Samm rocks my world). We have a gaping hole in our kitchen floor, which I previous covered with this rug I made but it's looking crap, takes years to dry because it's denim (what was I thinking??!!) and no one likes it ;)

So I got this pieced SUPER fast (I'll show you how tomorrow - although I'm sure it's nothing new), quilted it and now just need to trim and bind it.

I was going to use a pile of left over binding I had to bind it with but honestly I think I'd hate it, so instead I'm going with...

not making my heart sing

I managed to get a few bits of DS Flea Market Fancy and I know some of you might shout at me for using it on a kitchen rug (along with those delicious charms, the vast majority of which I got in the Somewhere Over the Rainbow charm swap held by Emily) but really I can't think of a better place to put these fabrics. I'm in the kitchen everyday and the rainbow loveliness will make me smile!


- Stained QAL, I've finished all my blocks for this one!! Hurray :)

but I haven't sewn them together yet :(

- Retro Flowers QAL, I did this much cutting...

and then vowed not to do any more until I've at least finished the Stained top. So I'm behind, what the hell, I always am!! ;)

no progress

 - Rose Star blocks, feel sad I didn't do any work on them this week. Is it weird that I miss them and think about them every day??

completed: 1
new: 1
in progress: 5

Linking up to Freshly Pieced:

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p.s. I've not forgotten about the next Fugly Party, just stalled slightly!


  1. Seems to me that it is surprising you find time to breathe let alone get all this done! I think the kitchen rug will be gorgeous but I would yell at anyone who stepped on it.

  2. LOL! I have pics up of my disaster of a sewing room today. I went from a small space to a bigger one and well, there's just more room for the mess. ;)

    Your polaroid block is awesome!

    Jennifer :)

    PS I love picmonkey!

  3. The mess grows to fit the space!! I love your kitchen rug-to-be! I've been wanting to make one, too, but my kids just carry away all our rugs and I find them in crazy places. Or outside...

  4. Oooh, love a nice tea towel (how old do I sound?) but I wouldn`t use it. Love the salt and pepper shakers espesh. The kitchen rug is also very yummy. Can`t wait to see your stained *winces* top!

  5. Love the kitchen rug! I'd love to do something like that.

  6. I have to tell yo that the bigger your space, the bigger the mess. I am lucky to have a very large sewing area but it never seems to be clear. It's a sickness, I think!
    I LOVE your new embroideries, the salt and pepper are just the cutest things ever!

  7. Still really love your Stained :-) And why not use the good stuff? you're quite right, you're in there often enough, you'll appreciate it all the more! (Looks really lovely too by the way)

  8. Such pretty pictures! I love the salt and pepper shakers. And the polaroid picture!

  9. Lucy....I am tired now just looking at all you have done! Do you ever sleep??? It looks great! I need to check out picmonkey!

  10. I agree with Toni, the mess will always expand to fit the space available!

    I love yout Stained blocks, the colours are fab and I've not seen any like that before :)

    The rug is cool too.

  11. Hey! My desk looks like that too!
    And you've managed to get much more done than me. :P

  12. Don't be hard on yourself! You're allowed to be messy if productivity is the result!!

  13. Shout at you!!!???
    I will NEVER speak to you again if that FMF goes anywhere near the kitchen floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sheesh Lu, what a mess! Only kidding, sometimes I get like that only I am too anal to leave it and spend ages tidying it away to only get it out again the following day!
    LOVE the tea towels, oh I want to be in your swap group, you are so damn cool!

  15. I think your kitchen rug would make me clean the floor more often!

    Probably a good thing!

    Don't do any quilting with a messy table or you get hitchhikers! I know! Chuck it all on the floor first - haha!

  16. Loving the rainbow! And the quilting! Very posh. Even if you do live in a pig sty. (only joking!) xx

  17. That was a pretty damn good list for a week there! I totally wouldn't use those tea towels though, you woudln't want to see what happens to tea towels in this flat, but it really isn't pretty (and it isn't me!)

  18. Love the rainbow kitchen rug!

  19. Wow what a desk! I'm sure mine will get like that soon!
    Love the kitchen rug the fabric is gorgeous!! =D

    Also I've added some new fabrics into my swap shop. If you're interested feel free to check it out =D

  20. My goodness - how do you manage to get all that stuff done in only 1 week? Did you figure out how to clone yourself or something? :-) To be honest, it never occurred to me to make a kitchen rug with quilting fabric... you should see my kitchen floor on most day... with kids, a dog and a cat things tend to get messy!

  21. who cares if it's a hot mess... you got a lot of great stuff done! loved the tea towel doodles btw :)

  22. I love your kitchen rug, it's so beautiful!

  23. I've so missed reading your blog, Lucy! Busy as always I see. Your rug is fab! And your embroidery is gorgeous and totally fun.

  24. I've so missed reading your blog, Lucy! Busy as always I see. Your rug is fab! And your embroidery is gorgeous and totally fun.

  25. I am finally getting caught up from being away and as always you are a busy, busy gal! Thanks for sharing about the word Verification rant! In fact I had no idea i had it on my blog until you said something to me. I love the rug, its on my list as well for when we move to our new apartment in about 3 weeks. You chose a wonderful selection of fabrics that will be sure to brighten up anyone's day!

  26. Oh I love your kitchen rug, and I think that fabric will make a perfect binding! You've been sooo busy! Such cute things.. I don't think it's weird at all that you think about and miss your blocks.. they are kind of like old friends right? :o) I totally get it.

  27. At least sewing mess is colourful and means you have been busy making fun things. I love all your wonderful projects!! The rainbow rug is really going to make your kitchen shine! Your sticheries are very cute, the cracked egg is brilliant!

  28. blimey you've been real busy, wonderful makes, especially love the typewriter Polaroid.

  29. every one needs a rainbow xx if youare anything like me a bigger space means.... a bigger "mess" !!!

  30. ROFL... Yeah: I can tell you from personal experience. Bigger space just means more spaces to put things and bigger messes. :) But aren't they fun to make?!

  31. I love the salt and pepper shakers. And you are way ahead of me in the stained glass and the retro quilts. Haven't even chosen my fabric yet.

  32. Flippin' 'eck, pet, you've been busy! (Can't believe the state of your sewing table though - how come you don't end up stitching one project to the back of another?!!) I love your kitchen rug but fear you may have irreparably harmed Hadley - she may never be the same again!!

  33. wow you have a lot going on there girl! Love your typewriter mini...

  34. More cute embroidery!? Look at those little french knots in the salt and pepper shakers! I love it. Can you tell I"m catching up on blog reading?