Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WIP some projects for my kiddies

I am full of lurgy so I'm actually pretty happy with what I've managed this week! I made this cute fabric matching game, super easy and they LOVE it :)

Yeah I thought I'd throw some vegetables in there ;)
I used the excellent tutorial from Lindsay at The Cottage Home - I have to say hers are so much cuter and she takes much better pictures than me so go look!


I have finally sewn the rows for my Pezzy quilt so I need to put them together and sew a border!

I have also done all the cutting for the Stained QAL.

Another Rose Star complete (yes I cut into a bit of the DS my friend gave me):

and a new project! I started doing some embroidery last night - for the FIRST TIME! I've done the odd bit but always on stuff not where it's actually the point.

This is my practice, I didn't want it to be a waste so I'm doing a cute little pattern from Sublime Stitching that will hopefully look ok enough to put in my daughter's room - really she's already in love and would have it like it is!! My son has also already put in his request so this won't be the last.

I never knew the name of any stitches and just made it up whenever I had to sew a name on something or whatever, but now I'm ready to learn. I have some instructions that came with the pattern so I'm going to try all the different stitches and see how I get on!

Between this new found fun and the wonderful hand stitching rose star blocks, it's no wonder I'm hardly going near my machine! That hot water bottle has nothing to do with my lounging on the sofa, honest ;)

completed: 1
new projects: 1
in progress: 4

In the post today I received my win from the Fat Quarter Shop. Yes they are that fast to the UK! Yes that's part of why I shop with them - plus the excellent choice, service and all round brilliantness!
I really want to find a special pattern to use with these 15 fat quarters :)

Speaking of fat quarters, click on the button to check out the swap I'm hosting:

Charm About You

I'm linking up to Lee's fantastic WIP Wednesdays at Freshly Pieced, which although I love always tends to make me get behind on my blog reading!! Hope to catch up very soon :)


  1. ooh your embroidery looks really good lucy! perfect stitches. your bundle form fat quarter shop look so nice as well! very jel! Do you shop with them then? is the shipping to UK not bad? x

  2. Love the matching game - what a great idea. Might have to look into that for my kidlets - they do love playing with my fabric!

  3. Sorry the ick's been getting you too, but loving all your handwork projects. Have fun finding a use for the new bundle!

  4. Your stitches look amazing Lucy! I'm dying to try it, but I haven't a clue what to do so would need to find a good tutorial or something first. And I agree - the Fat Quarter Shop is awesome! I buy all my fabric from them.

  5. The matching game is super cute!!

  6. Cool to see that DS fabric in action! Hope you are feeling better ASAP!

  7. Cute matching game! And your embroidery stitches are so nice and perfect! I did the embroidery 101 quilt along at clover and violet to learn stitches/practice and it was really helpful....although my stitches still aren't that nice :)

  8. love the matching game! I'll have to do that for my granddaughter! ;-)

  9. You may be full of the lurgy, but you have achieved a lot of sewing!

  10. Awesome projects! Love the matching game - might be a good use for some of my fugly fabric ;)

  11. Oh you lucky duck with that FQ bundle! The embroidery is lovely and neat! I bought Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray to learn the basic stitches and she really liberates the idea of embroidery. It is worth getting as you get hundreds of motifs and all on a cd as well as in the book. So you can resize, print etc. I use it for inspiration mostly.

    Are the FQ shop pretty quick and reasonable for postage? I really n eed to try them sometime x

  12. Wow you've been busy even whilst sick! Love the blocks. The fabric is awesome too!! =D

  13. Good luck with the hand stitching - it's quite addictive once you get into it.
    Bari has some tips and videos on basic stitches here

  14. Oooh I'm a sucker for a hot water bottle and the sofa too... Really should do as you do and get some hand work ready first tho eh... lol

  15. I love hand embroidery! There is something so timeless about it. I pinned a really neat blog with a TON of embroidery stitches on it a while back:

    I had no idea there were so many stitches to choose from!

  16. The I spy game is great! And your embroidery is going to be really pretty for your little girl's room:)