Happy March everyone! It's a bright sunny day here (still cold) but I'm enjoying soaking up some vitamins :)

I'm linking up to the ever creative Rebecca's Thursday Think Tank and Lynne's fabulous Fresh Sewing Day, with a cute new button!

Thursday Think Tank
Lily's Quilts

February was a month of celebrations here - my husband's birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary and the Fugly Fabric Party ;)

This month I'm hosting another link party and I'd love you to join in :) Click the button for more info and bear it in mind when Spring cleaning!

Charm About You

One of the things I love most about the Fresh Sewing Day is seeing what I've accomplished over the past month, it's always more than I thought!

I finished two quilts, the Not So Charming Rainbow Stars and the Johnny Cash quilt. I made 5 rose star blocks, a little bag for a friend and a fabric matching game for my kids.

I also worked on two more quilts (Pezzy and the Stained QAL) and started some embroidery.

Despite not finishing those projects yet I'm determined to get them done ASAP!

I am struggling a bit with my rose star project and would love some help. It's a long term project, I want to make a good sized quilt and I've only done 9 blocks so far so it'll be a while before it's done. Even so , I can't help thinking about what the background will be. I think I'd like to make some of the joining blocks alongside the rose star ones so I don't have to make them all at the end.

Anyway I'm still adding fabrics to the blocks themselves and it's a real mish mash!

No one fabric stands out as being a good choice for the background, I've had a play and here's some options:

The neutral and off white seem too blah to me.
I love the coral fabric but will use it for the backing.
The solid colours from the blocks looks way to ice cream sweet for my taste.
I like the mint, it seems fresh but I'd have to have a good think to remember what colour it actually is!! I only have a little bit of it I got on sale.
The prints from the blocks looks pretty cool but I don't have enough of the fabrics and it's going to be way too much isn't it!?

Maybe another pastel colour would look good?

So any bright ideas, good suggestions or opinions are very welcome!! It's bugging me that I don't know what to do.