I am always so last minute with my le challenge makes, next month I need to get started earlier! 

The theme this month is gold and I knew I wanted to use one of my metallic fabrics because they are so pretty. I had this tutorial bookmarked for a while and decided now was the time to try it.

I had some issues, not the fault of the tutorial, more my own silliness. I made mistakes along the way but the biggest was towards the end.

It started ok, you need to cut circles from fusible fleece and I had the brilliant idea to stamp them using the bottom of a plastic cup and an ink pad. That worked well! 

When it came to sewing the circles though I kept messing up. Getting the fabric the wrong way round and then my circles not being circular! I decided not to worry too much though and just got it done. The diameter of the circles is 5cm, next time I will go a bit bigger.

At the final stage I thought you had to make them all into the shapes shown in the tutorial, when actually you make one and keep adding rows to make it a circle. Now I know. So instead of one ornament I will have two. I only managed to finish one in time for this post but that's fine! It still needs a press but you get the idea - though it's one of those things that looks so much better in real life. I used a bit of ribbon that also had some gold. The blue isn't really the best colour option but it still looks cute and I'm not matchy matchy with my tree decorations anyway!

I would love to try this again. There are so many fabrics that would suit this pretty bauble! I also want to get it right ;)

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