This week I made some more blocks for the Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew-along, I picked up quite a bit of fabric to add to my stash and I started trying to help a friend...

#14 Betty
I enjoyed reading this letter, I like the idea of working at something and practising to become better - like with my quilting! Although I haven't hooked my husband on it yet ;) My own Aunt Betty was a wonderful woman, I have fond memories of visiting her in California and eating cinnamon toast for the first time. Her daughter Jackie encouraged me to quilt and so this block was created with memories and love. It allowed me to think about how my life has been "greatly enriched". 
I don't have any musical themed fabric so I instead I replaced a musical 'score' with the bowling themed Score Card, Lucky Strike by Kimberly Kight. I thought the Koi by Rashida Coleman Hale that I've used on the outer triangles looks like volume buttons too! I used to be an avid bowler so this felt more personal but I like the nod to the music in the letter.

#20 Caroline
What a thought provoking and beautiful letter this was. I chose fabrics to represent the sunrise, the "soft crystals [that] fall from the heavens" and combined them with the black and white Cotton & Steel print, which I feel represents the universe. To me the block shows the sense of being part of something bigger and of how incredible life is. I am on a journey with my faith but I recognise "the everyday wonders". 

There were some fabric hauls this week:

To add in to my Farmer's Wife 1930's quilt I picked up this Three Tone Stripe print by Lakehouse from Patchfinders and Pink Memory, Playful by Melody Miller from Fat Quarter Shop.

I also got this bundle for an upcoming project:

Top row: Butter Churn in Navy, Feed Company by Sweetwater; Subdivided in Grey, Doe by Carolyn Friedlander

Then I picked up a 'just for fun' print and a couple of yards for backings from Pink Castle Fabrics:

I haven't used Lawn as a backing before but it's so silky and gorgeous I really want to! If you have let me know and is there anything I need to know before I do?!


I have to say a huge thank you to everyone that has contributed to Nat's #therearenowordsquilt. It's been hard getting through the door as the blocks arrive and it is so generous and kind.

There is a donation page to help the family get a memorial bench so they have a place to go, sit and talk to the little one. If you are able to contribute please click this link: 

We are currently at 22% and, while I feel uncomfortable asking for money, I am reaching out for help. If you could please share the link above I would really appreciate it.

Thank you xx             Molli Sparkles