This morning I had the saddest news from my dear friend Nat, she very tragically and unexpectedly said goodbye to her beautiful 10 month old boy this morning. 

I am still in shock and have cried all day. It's heartbreaking and can't stop thinking about her and her beautiful family. I want you all to know that she is a creative, honest, thoughtful, funny and gorgeous woman, wife, mother and friend. I could write so much about why I admire and respect her but it doesn't really matter. What matters is showing her I care, we care, and trying in a small way to comfort her.

Only when I realised Nat had shared the news herself did I ask on social media for people to help me make her a quilt. She has, in my opinion, exquisite taste so I want to make something neutral and calming. Today is the worst day and there will be more hard days so I would like to be able to send her some peace.

If you would like to contribute to the quilt please make a 9 patch block using 4.5" squares, so the finished block is 12.5". Please use mainly white, cream or soft colours. If you know Nat and have some fabric you think she'd like feel free to use that too. 

You can DM me on instagram, send a message on facebook or leave a comment below with your email to request the address to send a block to. I am not adding names to the quilt but if you would like your name adding to a card for Nat and her family please include a note with your name when you send the block.

Thank you for your support and helping me show Nat our love.

If there are more than enough blocks for one quilt I will make charity quilts with the extra blocks and find a suitable charity to donate them to.