Catching up on my Farmer's Wife 1930's blocks for the sew-along, I have been working on my Bee A Brit Stingy row and I'm sharing some great fabric deals...

#13 Belle
The theme of this letter was Christmas and family. I liked the idea of sharing the Christmas cooking and the fun of sharing packages of gifts. I chose these fabrics because I think the squares in the block now look like little ribbon tied presents! The metallic Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House adds to the festival feel too.

#24 Coral
I try to implement the philosophy of enjoying the "little whiles" of each day, to spend time with each of my kids - really focusing and engaging with them and that exhausting magical bed time routine when they finally seem to want to open up about their day. We spend a lot of time outdoors as a family so these were obvious fabric choices for me.

These blocks were English Paper Pieced but I think they might be the last ones I do using this method. I am now hand piecing this weeks blocks and really enjoying it. It's easier and since that's how Laurie Hird, the author, constructed her quilt it makes sense to do the same. I may still EPP some blocks in the future but I now think the blocks lend themselves better to being hand pieced. If anyone is interested I could do a post to show you how I hand piece?

Most people in the sew-along seem to be paper piecing the blocks, I am not a huge fan of paper piecing but occasionally I do a bit...

Collette asked for sewing theme rows for Bee A Brit Stingy and the rows so far are gorgeous, it's going to be such a fun quilt! It took me a while to really decide what I wanted to do but I'm halfway done with the row and hope to finish it off this weekend. Here's a sneak at my favourite block so far:

I used the Clippity Clip Block pattern by Amanda - What The Bobbin? It's a really fun block to make and you can play about with fabric.

A little sponsor news:

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They also have some great new releases, including Canyon by Kate Spain - and yes charm packs are also only $6.96!!

You will always find stunning fabric and bundles at Pink Castle Fabrics, they have an amazing variety. The new Carolina Gingham by Robert Kaufman is the perfect stash addition and there are new Cotton & Steel stash boxes available, I adore the Limited Edition Au Naturale Stash Box!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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