Before I declare my love, a quick round up of some of the things I've made during November:

Retro Flower Quilt, Vintage sewing pouch, Christmas table cloth, vintage embroidery, Kids 'Good' reward chart, donkey basket, Starry Starry notebook cover, Bienvenue Bebe Quilt.

I also made some Rose Star blocks and blocks for the How Far Will You Go? QAL.

All in all a great month, I imagine December will be a little less productive as I am getting more and more tired - also it really is hard to sit still for too long so can only manage bits of sewing here and there. I do have one quilt I want finished before Christmas though and a couple of little projects in the works but we'll see - comfort is the key in these last few weeks of pregnancy!

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Now I have to share...

I have discovered the most wonderful Etsy shop! It is called Made In Pixieland and I came across it when I was searching for reasonable priced cute notecards because I can never have too many of those.

I struck gold - Claire is so talented, she draws the most adorable pictures and she designs prints and cards and other gorgeousness. She uses 100% recycled card and paper, as well as vegetable based inks.

My order arrived quick time and I have already placed another, that's how much I love the quality and the whimsical nature of the cards made me smile so much.

I'm happy to support a small business in the UK, I'm happy she has 'green' credentials but mostly I can't help just fall in love with her characters and vintage style.

I highly recommend a fun trip to Pixieland and I know I'm saving for one of those ballerina baubles and a delightful print.

p.s. just to clarify - I don't know Claire, she did not ask me to write anything, I genuinely just love her products and there is no commission involved Susan ;) but I do hope you'll all support her!

p.p.s. Those fruit loop muffins did not go well the other day. Not sure what I did wrong but I will be making courgette muffins this weekend - yummy and I'm sure a bit healthier.