We've been having more fun with paper, more fun playing and more fun making stuff!!

There really are no limits to what you can create with your kids and you need no budget, just the crap around your house!

For example witness the joy of the simple hole punch:

When it was my daughter's birthday we had a ladybird theme and I decided that morning to make a quick 'pin the dots on the ladybird' game. One big sheet of paper, some coloured paper circles, a bit of blutack and it's all good. We've actually kept this up - the kids like making patterns with the dots and it's great for talking about colours and numbers with the little one.

My kids love helping me out occasionally when we've exhausted the paper options  - here's my little girl winding a bobbin (that's the foot pedal on the desk), must point out that despite taking a picture I was of course supervising this task! Check out her serious concentration :)

Over the weekend we spent some time making Christmas decorations, for us and for my son's teachers. I was worried how much they would want to do but except for the actual sewing, they did it all! 
I cut a cardboard tree shape and drew round the template on fabric to make the front of the trees, then I gave them some Sharpies and let them do whatever they wanted. 

He mostly liked zig zag tinsel and she liked baubles. I'm really proud of them because, once I quickly sewed them and turned them, they sat really nicely and stuffed them! Admittedly my daughter really liked sticking her arms in the bag of stuffing but those little hands made quick work of it. Once they were in bed I sewed up the openings and added some buttons.

It was a learning experience for me too - their creativity and patience was a big surprise.

And if all else fails, you can always have fun making silly faces!