Is it ironic that the baby is moving in that direction and that's how I have been feeling?

There was a false alarm on Monday, when I thought it could be the start of labour but actually it was the baby engaging it's head - painful.

I think I feel a bit let down after the possible excitement of the baby coming, in combination with just feeling fed up and so, so, so, so tired (as well as being sick again).

I have forgotten what my feet look like

That's the end of my little rant for now and I will focus instead on the kidlets that are already here.

I'm going to try and promise this is the last time you'll see decorations we've made but I might have said that before and it is fun and passes the time so we could make more yet!

Together we used our old friend, paper! Actually I got my daughter to draw on some card, cut out bird shapes with a hole and then used some pretty origami paper I had to fold into 'wings' (any paper will do though). I taped the wings together at the top and threaded some twine through a hole at the top of the bird. An easy, quick project!

After seeing this great tutorial at Blonde Design I had to make some stars. Sadly I'm lacking in Liberty prints but I like the mix of scraps I used. I will be giving these as little gifts.

To get some perspective and cheer myself up I have been reading my favourite book. After all tomorrow is another day.

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