Wednesday, 7 November 2012

sewing and stitching those WIPs!

I have been pretty productive of late, lots of finishing things up and huge motivation to get things done since I decided just to sew what I love and enjoy - ok I think I'm saying that too much but really it's a revelation and obviously it's the whole point. I just felt overwhelmed by my to do list but when I stopped trying to get it all done in any order or speed it was a weight lifted and it brought the joy back. And yes those baby hormones have a lot to answer for... this is a clear case of sew-nesting people!!


- Starry Starry Notebook cover for the Sew Seasonal Blog Hop

- Bienvenue Baby Quilt

- Donkey Basket

- Vintage Stitchings - After finishing the vintage donkey embroidery last week I decided to sew up another 2. They kind of represent the (nearly) 3 kids and will be hung in the baby's room:

You can find the patterns here.

I love the happy orange bear:

That went well, and I was stitching up the little dog when I realised my mistake:

urm yeah... I forgot the golden rule about transferring patterns and letters being the mirror image. So I did my best to conceal it, at least it still follows the theme:

in progress

- Braid Quilt - I've finished all the rows so they need sewing together and a border

- HFWYGQAL - done a bit of cutting in preparation but no blocks sewn yet - I will catch up though!

- Blogger's BOM quilt - I had great plans of sashing this and trying a different but modern layout. Partially because when I started making these blocks (a year ago!) my 1/4" seam was not consistent and so the blocks vary quite a bit in size. I wanted to get it done though and just could not face sashing at all - it's not my favourite thing to do and with a baby bump this size cutting is getting harder and harder - so I took the easy road and hoped for the best...

I cut some squares of the fabrics I'd used in the blocks and made it into a simple random patchwork. It is no where near perfect, I've cut off lots of the points in the blocks but it still works for me. I actually love how it looks all together. So I'm going to add a simple Kona Ash border and get it quilted!

no progress

- Christmas table cloth
- Rose Star
- Retro Flowers
- Granny Blanket
- Kids project

completed: 4
new projects: 0
in progress: 8

This week I also got these lovelies from my Bee pal Nicky!

Gorgeous, beautiful feathers, an awesome feather siggy block and some fantastic charms :) Thank you Nicky!

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  1. I love those embroideries Lucy. Great save with the z's!

  2. You aren't human! How on earth do you do all this? Do you sleep at all?

  3. Great stuff Lucy. The embroideries are adorable.

  4. Your embroideries are too too adorable!!! All your creations are super.Your blocks went in the mail today. Does it count that I finished them in October??

  5. Those are cute embroideries! They will look fab in the baby's room!

    Super productive Lucy! I am a wimp by comparison - glad they arrived safely!

  6. Shh! Genius. Loads of great stuff as always Luce, you rock!

  7. Your embroideries are so sweet! And don't point out your mistakes...we wouldn't even notice!

  8. Love the Blogger's BOM quilt; now please relax xxx

  9. Your BOM is really pretty but the doggy hoop is my favourite. Just bloomin' adorable and I'm quite the cynic normally. You've softened my heart Lucy.

  10. Love your embroidered hoops Lucy - so cute!

  11. Such great embroidery! I love the little bear, it's so adorable!

  12. those hoops are simply divine

  13. Just catching up now I'm home, love all you've been working on, especially the donkey basket and the gnoma bunting :o)

  14. Lots of lovelies! Love the way you covered up the little mishap with the ZZ on the embroidery. Very creative! The embroideries all look so sweet!

  15. Cute stitchings Lu. Love the whole trio. And nice save with the ZZ. Perfect! xo

  16. I'm so glad you are doing what you love...but I'm confused...what were you doing before that? ;) Love you babe - keep being yourself 100%!!!

  17. Love everything you've done but especially the donkey basket and the vintage stitchings, you've been a very busy lady :)

  18. So much done! You are definitely nesting my dear. Love the vintage embroidery, especially that little bear!

  19. Wow you are a dynamo! So it sounds like I need to get pregnant again so I can actually finish stuff. Love the little stitchings - so adorable. And the donkey basket is really cool too.

  20. I love everything you have been working on! The notebook cover is so pretty. I love the pairing of that Tula Pink fabric with the star, it is perfect for the Starry Starry night theme! I can't get enough of those gingham embroideries!

  21. those super cute vintage stitching... i love!

  22. Your little embroidered dog is just perfect. What a cutie!

  23. i love all your finishes and wips in this post. those cross stitched hoops are so very sweet. thanks for sharing the link. and i love your starry starry night journal! great project!