So I'm pretty sure that's the colour of my throat today :(
I'm feeling yucky and full of cold, it hurts to swallow and I plan on doing nothing but cuddling on the sofa and playing quiet (as if!) games with my little girl.

Especially since I need to rest because a friend is picking me up later so we can go to this:

Find out more HERE

I won't be able to sing along but it'll be fun anyway!

Another reason to smile today was that these lovelies came through my door thanks to Lisa (who I thought I was following but apparently not, so now I am!! Shows how much blog reading I've been doing recently -oops!):

More gorgeous feather blocks and a great siggy block that she machine embroidered, I love it! She was also kind enough to send me some lovely fabric and an adorable notebook that is already hanging out on my fridge! Thank you so much Lisa, you really did brighten my day :)