Tuesday, 1 January 2013

To having the best year yet!

Welcome 2013! Cheers to all of you!

I have spent the majority of 2012 being pregnant so it has been a roller-coaster - hormonally, emotionally and physically.

My highlights include meeting so many lovely bloggy friends, the Fat Quarterly Retreat (sobbing I'm not going this year), the Festival of Quilts and overall just how much I've learnt, developed and created.

I've made 12 quilts, so appropriate for 2012! - you can find all the details about each one on my quilts page:

In March I started doing some embroidery, you can see more on my embroidery page but these are some of my favourites:

I LOVE embroidery and will certainly do more.

I even made an embroidery pattern, you can find it with the other tutorials I did this year!

Being included in the Fat Quarterly for the Winkerkist challenge was a huge highlight for me.

This is just an example of some of what I've made, I've also done lots of awesome making with my kids, I've made cushions, zip bags, pincushions and lots of fun blocks for the Bee I joined. This year I've joined another two! I have no clue how much sewing I'll do this year because the baby is due to make its arrival any day now but I'm hoping by being in the Bees I will be able to at least make three blocks a month.

I also have English Paper Piecing to keep me busy - this is my other true LOVE! I'm working on a sweet project just now and should be able to show you later this week.

I was also so fortunate to get some sponsors this year - currently I have to say a huge thank you to Cindy and Christa, whose shops are obviously brilliant but whose service is outstanding and their dedication is much appreciated by me. Please go visit Fluffy Sheep Quilting and ChristaQuilts and show your support for these excellent businesses.

I'm sure they'll be tempting me with more fabric purchases this year!

Finally (and I know people sometimes moan about reading this stuff) I have to make apologies for not commenting on blogs or replying to comments left here for me. It is sometimes just too overwhelming. I am way too tired to sit still in front of the computer for long.

I am reading though and have loved seeing all the fabulous rundowns of 2012 that have been popping up.

Sorry for not being a 'good' blogger but the thing is I imagine this is kind of going to be the norm once I have my hands full with the newest addition.

My point is that I read your blogs, I read your comments... I'm just a bit useless at entering into a dialogue at the moment. I can't be sure when normal service will resume but I am hugely grateful just knowing you are out there reading, writing and creating!

Here's to an amazing 2013 my friends xx

If you'd like to keep me amused and want to have a go at guessing the gender of the baby go right ahead and let me know what you think (judging from the comments on the last post, where I posted this picture of my pregnant self, people think boy - that's my feeling too!). We have a concrete girls name standing by but are a bit stuck about boy names, we are 85% sure of one but if you want to put forward suggestions for boy names go ahead (we'd like it to be old-fashioned - our two kids are called Fred and Joan - so nothing modern or too popular), I'd love to hear some...

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  1. I love looking at your excellent projects, they look great together! And still no baby, sigh. My boys are Daniel and Joshua, both are excellent names. Another name I love is Martin (was my grandfather's name). Also Nicholas.

  2. beautiful stuff . LOVE your embroidery and your bump! It's not much fine, the final stretch. In terms of names, we went for Hamish cos I wanted him to have a scottish name like me. Laughing Boy would have liked Alfred or Archie. I was shouting "come on hamish" when I was pushing even though we didn't know the sex yet so there wasn't much debate in the end!

    Good luck xxxx

  3. Good morning Lucy. I imagine just getting out of bed makes you winded! Looking forward to your future blog posts. All the best with the upcoming event. We like old fashioned names too! We called our kids: Joseph, Owen, Jacob, Nathan, Chad and Carli ( not so much her )
    Happy New Year

  4. As someone else who has been crap at 'dialogue' please do not ever feel guilty. Just love having you here still filling us in on your doings. Love all that you make always.

    I am going for a girl. Because I carried Helen right our front, every last person (including total strangers) said I was having a boy - and they were wrong, all wrong! So I am guessing girl for you.

  5. We found boys names harder to settle on too... our son is Micah and I loved that name from the start but DH kept teasing all during the pregnancy "why not Johnah or Billah or Tommah" then told me a week before his birth that of course his name would be Micah. He's lucky I didn't pop him one! Good luck to you!

  6. I think it may be a little girl too, so Lucy or Alice.

  7. Your beautiful embroidery inspired me to learn how to do it last month! I have started a cushion and will have it finished in a few days. Embroidery is a great portable project for me now that my kids are a little older and I don't have to watch them like a hawk everywhere.

    I am so excited about your baby! I have three kids (all girls) and we will probably have one more baby before we are done. I don't really want to go down the pregnant path again, but we think we'll regret it when we are older if we don't do it now.

    My kids have old fashioned names--Beatrix, Esther, and Veronica. If we have a boy we'll name him William.

    I am thinking you might like one syllable names, so how about Charles, Bert, or Sam? I am kind of partial to Bert because of the Alexander McCall Smith character Bertie:)

  8. You really did have a fab year! X

  9. Your quilts are beautiful, Lucy, and I love your embroidery. I'm no good at figuring out baby gender, but I've always had a soft spot for the name Henry. Hope things go well for you as you wrap up this pregnancy!

  10. Not twins then? One of each - Arthur - my son's name - and Agatha!

    You have been very prolific...in so many ways! Big hugs and counting down till the big day!

  11. I know exactly what you mean about the dialogue. I find it really difficult and some days I just have to have a day off. I'm sure no one will mind! I'd guess boy, and my best name of choice would be Albert.

  12. Happy new year love! It is going to be brilliant! I think you are expecting a boy... I had a few other names short listed instead of Luc, including Samuel or Tristan. No girls name as he could only be a boy... Hope you are doing ok!

  13. I love the old fashioned names. How about ken? My sil's dad was a Ken, and a nicer bloke you wouldn't meet! I have a little niece called Elsie, another nice sensible name. My husband wants to now if you've swallowed a bowling ball?

  14. Does that mean you have to do 13 quilts this year now then?!

    Happy new year! x

  15. Happy New Year Lucy! My favourite boy names are Joseph and Jonathan. My husband's name is Martin, which I like too. Good luck with the delivery. Praying for you and baby!

  16. A very happy new Year to you!
    Old fashioned boys names are so in at present, I know of little Erics and Ted and Bill, any of which would follow on from your two. As for which gender- listen to its heartbeat when you get the chance! Boys are slower, I think and girls faster. Over 150 bpm- it is a girl!

    But not reliable! (worked with mine, though)

  17. You know what they say..."As long as its healthy!" Old fashioned names, especially for girls, seem to be popular. What about Reg or Cedric? They're unusual! Lol! Good luck with the impending arrival!

  18. Here's to a fab 2013 for you! Don't feel guilty about not entering into a dialogue, I am sure you are super busy at the moment. Good luck with it all!

  19. Aww, but you've nested so nicely this year!

    My guess is, it's definitely going to be a baby... ;o) For boys, um, going through the male elders in the family - William, Peter, Hugh, James, Nichol, Neil, Ken, John, Ian, Alan, Roderick. There was a lot of repetition between the 4 families though, apparently originality wasn't the rage back then...

  20. Ahhhh! Just lost my comment!

    Well done on getting so much finished, I just don't know how you manage it!

    I have a Henry, but love Teddy (although would you want a Ted and Fred?) otherwise how about Wilf, Albert, Arthur, Patrick, Vincent, Graham, I will try and remember some more of the children whom I have taught...

  21. Lovely makes, and no doubt you will choose wisely, (just imagine the future Reception teacher's face when thinking of names, that's all I can say!) xxx

  22. I'm rubbish at commenting and I don't even have a blog taking up time, nor do I get much created!
    I love dropping in here and seeing your beautiful work - you certainly made some wonderful things in 2012.
    Don't ask me to guess the sex of your baby - I didn't even guess I was pregnant until 4 months down the line!
    Boys names? Hmm, I like Elliott but can see it's probably a no no with Fred! Maybe Frank? Or George, or Louis/Lewis?
    Happy 2013 and look forward to all your creations :)

  23. Boy or girl, I bet you will be SO happy to be holding that baby instead of trudging around carrying it. lol

    I still have to ask if you're really sure that's just one baby. (Sorry but you are sticking out a lot like I did when pregnant with my twins)

    If there is only one baby though, the old wives tale is that if you look like your belly is a basketball shape vs. watermelon shape, then you are carrying a boy. Sooooooo that's my guess and since you also feel that it is a boy, I'm doubly sure of my guess. I knew every single time what I was having.

    Old fashioned names - good for you..I get so tired of hearing all these weird names people are giving their poor children. In retrospect, I sometimes kick myself for naming my son Adrian. He hates that name. And when he was younger telling him there was a famous wrestler with that name didn't help since the wrestler was also VERY flamboyant in nature. LOL

    I will give you some of my favorite old fashioned boy names. Maybe you'll like one or have already thought of one of them;
    Quinn, Miles, Brock or Carter.

    And a girl name I just love is Trista Desiree (as first and middle). That was actually the name of my little girl which I lost at 5 1/2 months.

    Either way you will be holding that little one very soon and I know just as we all are, you will be thrilled no matter what the baby is.

  24. Beautiful projects for 2012! Your productivity amazes me - I don't think I accomplished anything creative while pregnant hehe!!

    I always found boy's names a lot harder to pick, but my boy name last pregnancy (when it was a girl!) was Micah Connor. Best wishes for when the little one arrives!

  25. My first thought for names is Henry and Alice

  26. Love all you wonderful quilts and embroidery. Glad to hear someone else struggles with comments and responses. I feel bad when I can't get to them all. Hope you have a fabulous New Year with your growing family!

  27. Here's to a great year ahead. On the bub front, I think it's a boy too. Boys names are hard but we settled on Louis for our little man.

  28. If we hadn't had a girl this time around, we would have used Thomas Michael. I also love Jack or Henry. :)

  29. I was going to email you to see how you're going! We have pretty unusual names for our boys - Finn (not too unusual) and Tenzin (after the Dalai Lama). Take care, rest up and never, ever apologise!

  30. Lovely finishes! And good luck on your baby! Our son is Eric. A solid name!

  31. Oh names are so tough. Our first son was only named a couple of days after he was born. We had a definite girls name but only a list of boys. Our second son we were prepared with both. I feel like it needs to be a name that starts with H, don't ask me why though! Now go and rest and relax...

  32. Hello beautiful lady. Sorry I've been such a bad friend. Loving the latest preggers pic. You still look amazing - even if you're not feeling it! Good luck with the birth etc etc. I'm soooo excited for you. Of course, the only name I can suggest is Craig. It's a goodun. ;)

  33. I don't have a good name for you! But yay, you're so close to being done. Hang in there!

  34. Oh I love the names of your other kids, I think we have similar taste :)

    I'm not sure I want kids yet but we have names for boys pretty much nailed and you're welcome to have any of them. Alex likes Eric and I like Stanley (after my grandad) or Andrew (after my dad).

    Old fashioned names are very much in vogue for boys, but if you went from the extended version of the name that could work as well, like there's a lot of Charlies but not Charles.

    Not long left!

    Kerry pennydog x

  35. I have a Joe, which is a an old name. It suits him coz he's like an old gentle soul. You are welcome to use it! I think Bill would be a great name to go with your other children's names. Of course, it depends on what your surname is? Bill billings may be a bit funny!

  36. Looks like a boy to me! Can't wait for the news! :)

  37. I have a Randall and David! Our daughter is naming her daughter Zoey! She is due the 25th and has no internet. Eekkk! I will be disconnected for 7 to 14 but busy! I enjoy your blog so much Lucy! I wish you an easy birth. Thank you for teaching me so much this past year!

  38. My friend just carried her 3rd (without finding out the gender) just like you are and baby surprised us all by being a girl! Girl names were easier for us, but for a boy--I'm partial to Oren which was my great-grandfather's name, but we also considered Henry, Jacob/Jake, and William.

  39. What a busy year you've had, and it's about to get busier :) I had a boy named all picked out for my last baby, but I got a baby girl to go with my two boys :D but, if you're looking for boy names, I still love the name Jackson.