I was going to start by apologising for the hoop creases on this piece but since I've just had a baby I'm not apologising - just imagine it without them for now ;)

I had bought this pattern to do leisurely once the baby was born but before you think I'm superwoman I will tell you I was working on it while I had all that waiting time (11 days overdue). All that was actually left was the clouds, which I've done in all the newborn napping time.

It is a wonderful sampler and I learnt a lot of new stitches, which I enjoyed doing. Some I'm better at than others but then that's half the point of making a sampler. I really love the finished result and will be framing this for the baby's room.

There has been no fabric sewing going on but I did receive this gorgeous bundle of yumminess from The Village Haberdashery. Annie is a superstar and I've ordered a few times from her fabulous shop so please take time to check it out. These are destined to become low volume shapes in my rose star quilt.

Finally here's what we're all focusing on at our house. Baby Lois is amazing and adorable and I'm basking in baby cuteness :)

after her first bath - that towel was mine as a baby and is super soft! I adore the stitched house

big brother is rather taken by the cot mobile and the 'magic' remote control!

she is a pretty baby

Lois meets Elmer

chilling with mummy - both in our onesies!!

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