I wasn't going to but what the heck?! I might as well list some things I'd like to get finished and join in the Finish-A-Long hosted by Leanne!

she can quilt

So inevitably the first thing I'd like finished is this pregnancy. What, doesn't that count?! Well I still want it done ;)

Realistically once the bub arrives I don't know how I will sew (I'd like to think I'll master multitasking, quilting and breastfeeding simultaneously but there's that slight concern about needles, rotary cutters etc. Damn it!) but should I have any spare time at all I would love to get these finished...

Rolling over from the last FAL:

- Blogger's BOM quilt- quilt top still needs borders (all nice and wrinkly because it's been folded up on my desk!)

- HFWYG? QAL quilt - I am way behind because it's hard to sit at the machine for long but hopefully once the bump has reduced I might get back to those gorgeous blocks!

Also in piles on my sewing desk:

- Tooth Fairy cushions - I have a stack of three designs all 'bondawebbed' and ready to applique, just need to do it!

- The Braid Quilt - again this just needs borders

So we shall see. No pressure. Obviously taking care of children is my priority but there may just be the odd hour when one is at school, one is at playgroup (or Granny's house!) and one is sleeping. Finger's crossed hey?

Speaking of kids, last night over dinner we were trying to explain what wishes are... here's the three wishes they'd each ask for from a genie (total 'mum' style I wrote them down immediately!):

He is 4 and she is 3 and this list just perfectly sums up their little personalities!