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When my sister and I were younger my mum commissioned a lady to make us some decorative plates that have all our birth details on them. It got me thinking it would be nice to have something I'd made with a record of my kids birth details... so I added them to my Abel stitching (pattern by Follow The White Bunny):

I really love it! So now I have to do two more other patterns :) That is perfect because it will keep me busy during all this newborn napping.

I also managed to do this tiny cross stitch kit that Jan gave me - thanks again hun! It was good practice because I have a few more cross stitch projects I want to do and I'd never done any before. I made a few mistakes but you wouldn't know if you didn't see the picture of how it is supposed to look (so I won't show you!!). This is a head start for next Christmas!

Obviously we are basking in baby gorgeousness and have had a few visitors come to meet Lois. My incredibly talented friend made her (well not her obviously, Lois can't eat!!) this amazing cake! It has nearly all been devoured and it tasted as good as it looks! She was so thoughtful to include little individual ones for the kids too... they loved that:

My other fabulous friends Rachel and her daughter Cayt sent this adorable fleece dress! I absolutely love penguins and this will keep her snuggly on our cold adventures into the real world! Thank you my dear friends :) Rachel will have to do a little dress making course with me once we are settled in a routine.

We took Lois to be registered this morning so, as my husband put it, she's now in the system! All official like! And here's the cutie: