Like the scene from Finding Nemo where the fish all work together to avoid being trapped, my husband has been telling the baby to SWIM DOWN!

Due date +5 now. We had a false alarm on Monday but it's all gone quiet. There's the occasional wriggle but no big contractions. I'm hoping to do a post at some point very soon saying 'hurrah, the baby has arrived' but I shall be moaning until then so you'll have to put up with me ;)

I had a fantastic birthday weekend, my sister and her fiance came up from Cardiff to surprise me and they brought this gorgeous chair with them! It used to be in our childhood home and was my 'Dad's' chair :) It doesn't really fit anywhere in her house and we needed more seating so it's perfect.  The children love sitting on it together (their legs are never still!!) but as soon as my husband sat in it he declared it his! It is so comfortable, so nice to sit and lean your head on.
The other picture is my children chasing balloons around, which is what we've mostly been doing everyday! You can also see the TV in the fireplace we had knocked out... it's not totally finished and I'll show another picture when it's done but it really has opened the room up and I'm so glad to be rid of the fireguard.

We've had a little bit of snow, it settles overnight but then melts with the lovely sunshine in the day! Another thing floating in is these gorgeous Bee feathers. I had a few drop in last week and saved them to open on my birthday (sad?! maybe but I had fun!)

These are from Charlotte, Emily, Helen and Karen - thank you ladies! 
They are gorgeous and work so well together :)