A while ago I made myself a travel sewing case, which I love but it's quite small and I wanted something a bit more secure - so I was thrilled to see Kerry - of verykerryberry - had posted a tutorial for a sewing portfolio organiser. Her organiser is beautiful, with a lovely pieced outside but since I can't spend long at the machine (bending over the baby bump is too hard!) I chose instead to embroider it. The only other thing was I didn't make a handle, I'm happy with having it as a clutch case but I may go back and add one as it does seem practical.

The embroidery patterns are all from Sublime Stitching - a combination of Craftopia and So Stitchy patterns (I intend to do this one completely at some point!). I'm so happy with how it turned out. I wanted something that would make me smile every time I sewed and this colourful organiser definitely does that...

It has a place for everything and since I've been doing so much hand sewing it is perfect. My son was amazed when he realised the embroidered scissors on the outside matched my pink scissors (available here - I got mine as part of a kit). I love every part of this case, it feels very 'me' right now.

Huge thanks to Kerry for creating such a brilliant tutorial!

I couldn't stand the thought of botching more bias binding when making it myself so I bought some. It's from the lovely Karen's shop Blonde Design, highly recommended!

And then funnily I realised I've seen this binding somewhere before...

It perfectly matches the one on the changing mat my fabulous friend Emily made me! Oh I will so be a coordinated mummy... not that I intend to sew while changing nappies, that would just be silly ;)
So now I just need a baby to change! (currently due date +8)

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