Doing things a little topsy-turvy round here. Since I can't really go anywhere I decided to doll myself up a little, slap on some Mac russian red lipstick and paint my nails with Maybelline Express polish in Cherry. I think it gives a nice retro touch to my swollen hands ;)

My kids have been cracking me up, I was cleaning in the kitchen while they were playing together - all of a sudden I heard the boy say to his sister "STOP! I have some sad news... Christmas has been cancelled because Catwoman and the Joker have not been put in jail". They then proceeded to play an imaginary game of catch the baddies and once incarcerated Christmas was declared back on! I think I'll be hearing about Christmas until at least Chinese New Year (we celebrate all sorts!). Gotta love that comic book play though :)

In discussion with my son about clothes and colours  - being all liberal and telling him boys can wear pink if they want to - I explained that "in olden times boys wore pink" and he snappily replied, "well I won't wear pink in the olden times"! I am making some headway on all toys being ok for both genders though - he was happy to have my approval of him playing with a my little pony, just as I'm ok with her playing with fire engines etc. Amazing how much school has influenced his perception of gender.

I have been playing with the shapes to join my Rose Star blocks and piecing them together from the fabulous set of charms I got from the Low Volume swap organised by my incredible friend Rebecca at Making Rebecca Lynne.

I love all the fabrics! A couple are a little on the bold side and I really want my rose stars to stand out... one such fabric was actually one of the ones I contributed to the swap so I kind of feel bad it's brighter than I thought it would be (I had the fabrics sent to Rebecca so I'd not seen them irl).
It's nice to have some be a bit bolder in low volume quilts but I don't want competition between the blocks so I just turned it over and used the wrong side of the fabric facing out:

I'm still basting and sewing these little beauties and I think I might start sewing them to the blocks since I'm not sure how many I still have to make and it'll give me a clue.
I don't think I'm organised enough, or will have the chance to lay out all the pieces once I'm done making blocks anyway so I'll just bodge it together as I go along and hope it works!

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