Wednesday, 21 November 2012

abcdqrx all the letters came to tea

The title of this blog post has nothing to do with anything... My son has learnt a new phonics alphabet song at school and that was my daughter's version! My mind went a bit blank thinking of a title so I'm going with that.

On to sewing...


Retro Flowers Quilt - the binding has been sewn on and it's in the wash!! I will share the finish on Friday and hope there's some glimmer of good light to take pictures tomorrow.

I got this fabric a while ago and knew I'd use it for binding the Retro Flowers because it looks like Drunkard Path shapes. It is called 'Prism Break' (I would have bought it for that awesome name alone!!) by Hoffman Fabrics, I got it from Fabric Rehab but they no longer have it in stock. Glad I snatched some when I did.

in progress

- Rose Star - two more blocks done:

no progress

- Blogger's BOM
- Braid Quilt
... both of these just need borders adding!
- granny blanket
- kids project

completed: 1
new projects: 0
in progress: 6

I also got some fabulous AMH feather bee blocks sent recently from my Scrappy? Sew Bee It! friends. First up these beauties came from Deborah, who just has the best taste!:

I really love the fabrics she picked and the gorgeous bright tones. Thank you Deborah!

Next was this one from Janine, who managed to include some of my favourite prints:

She sent me some lovely scraps too and I am completely in love with the laminated one on the right - if anyone could suggest any small project that I could use this for (and keep and treasure for myself!) please let me know

And if that weren't enough she sent an incredible mini quilt she made that my daughter jumped on straight away:

Unicorns are a big hit in our house and this is stunning! The stitching is so beautiful and I love the solids. The shapes of the background are fabulous too. Janine is always so creative and comes up with such beautiful designs so I am utterly thrilled to have this fantastic piece:

Thank you Janine!

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  1. Prism Break - what a great name! Sometimes I think the hardest thing about blogging is thinking of a post title!

  2. That binding fabric is just perfect :D Love the rose star blocks too, I don't know how you do them so quickly!

  3. That binding fabric is perfection! And I'm so excited to see your Rose Star quilt come together. Every one you make is gorgeous so I'm sure it will be completely stunning when they are done!

  4. Isn't that bump of yours getting in the way when you sit at the sewing machine yet?! Yay for finishes. Boo for no light to photograph them in. Lovely blocks received too. Another yay!

  5. Lovely binding, looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  6. Looking forward to Friday now!

    Great rose stars and feathers and all! That Janine is very clever and I have met her! Woohoo!

  7. You finished!!!!?? Woo hoo!
    Make a little laminated frame purse to celebrate!

  8. Oooh please get some good light, dying to see it! That binding is fantastic - what a brilliant print. Well done on getting it finished :o)

  9. Love the binding you chose for the Retro Flower quilt and can't wait to see the finished quilt! Beautiful Rose Star blocks and those feather blocks looks fabulous! A boxy pouch for the laminated fabric, perhaps?

  10. A small laminate bag for make up or baby wipes? Love that binding fabric.

  11. What beauties those Rose Stars are! Hah--I definitely would have purchased that binding fabric for the name alone!! I might have been known to do that once or twice. Your feather blocks are fabulous!

  12. P.S. There's a good chance that the fabric in your feather block made by Deborah came from my stash. Just thought you might like to know that...:)

  13. Looking forward to seeing your retro flowers. Beautiful feather blocks too. How many have you received?

  14. Love those feathers must try the sometime.

  15. Oh boo, I'm having trouble getting your images to load :-( The half I can see of your projects look fab :-) My son just learnt the alphabet (in French so I have to grit my teeth) but it's always slightly dodgy when he gets to l, m, n, o, p when it all kind of runs in to each other :-/

  16. I know that song ;o)
    I love that binding! (Just realised that was the subject of your great binding tutorial in your next post!)
    Your RS blocks are stunning, as are your feathers!

  17. I love your rose star blocks and I can't wait to see your feather quilt. I'm glad the unicorn has gone to a good home! x