Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cheapo recipe for FUN superhero accessories

This was inspired by Lynne's recent post, so blame her ;)


- children (preferably your own, relations or friends)
- cardboard tubes (loo rolls work best, if using kitchen rolls I recommend cutting them in half first unless the children have unusually long arms)
- colouring pens
- a computer/laptop

1. Take the computer, locate YouTube and set it to some old superhero theme songs or clips.

We would recommend:

2. Plonk the children in front of it to be entertained by old fashioned good graphics and camp humour.

3. While they are fascinated/enthralled/bemused, decorate the cardboard tubes in various superhero graphics

clearly from my examples you don't have to be at all artistic, providing your children are small enough to believe you are brilliant at anything and will accept pathetic drawings. Anyway you get the jist.

4. Once the YouTube clip has finished present the children with these amazing creations to adorn their wrists. Shut off the computer and let them play superheroes for hours (or how ever long before they get bored/ lose focus/ get hungry) wearing their new superhero cuffs!

***WARNING Charm About You can not be held responsible for any hijinks or chaos resulting from following the Superhero cardboard tube recipe***

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  1. Omg those are hilarious. Another good one is airline sleep masks with eyeholes cut in!

  2. Lucy your children are ridiculously adorable! I love their superhero selves too!!!

  3. The humble toilet roll tube provides hours of fun in this house and youtube is a big favourite! Very cute pics!

  4. Yay for cardboard!! I must look out that photo of my Chookie on the card pony...

  5. Simple fun. Good for you. Di xo

  6. ROFL, nutter! And not a fairy liquid bottle or piece of sticky back plastic in sight...

  7. I just want to join in - why should the kids have all the fun!?

  8. Awesome :-) You're positively inspired! (and the mini heroes are pretty cute too!)

  9. I will not be sharing that idea, otherwise the kids will attack the full rolls like a pack of rabid Andrex puppies!!

  10. I love the superheroes!
    Super-pink fairy, the batboy are ace!

  11. Those are awesome! I'm definitely trying that!

  12. ha ha what a great post and what cute pics, especially the super hero fairy! My two are way past that age now: its all algegra and german homework instead :-(

  13. Oh, this is so cute! Tiny little super hero arms are the best :-)