Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thinking fugly!

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Pretty much all I can think about is fugly fabric!! It seemed funny then that a friend kindly gave me a bag of unwanted fabric yesterday! She knew I made quilts and collected some scraps together for me. Some are not my taste at all but I'll find a way to use them, even if it's just practice blocks (and I need the practice!!). Others I think are lovely though:

I'm loving the bird at the top and the florals! Some of the scraps are really small so I'll be cutting them into 2.5" squares and sticking them in a jar for now. The rest you're liking to see cropping up at some point!

The Fugly Fabric Party is going well and people are still adding links! Please go and see the newest posts (also I will say that someone has some out of print Heather Ross to giveaway ;) Just a heads up!).

It is a yucky, grey, drizzly day here so if you have anything positive you want to share go ahead and leave me a happy comment :)
- I could still use cheering up after the upsetting story yesterday!!


  1. I have gotten some fabric like that before too. I always appreciate that they thought of me, but honestly, now I have to do something with what you didn't want... Oh well, those golden pieces mixed in make it worthwhile!

  2. So happy to have found your blog via Cindy. I'm getting a kick out of all this fugly fabric I'm seeing in blogland!
    You have lovely quilts and projects on your blog.

  3. The bird is cute - I could see it as the side of a purse or pouch or something. That white-on-purple print looks neat too, but hte rest of it,'d go straight in my fugly pile, so kudos to you for being a bit more open minded (or just tolerant? LOL!). :) Have a great day!

  4. Oh wow, beautiful stuff! There actually is one older piece of liberty!!! Lucky you!

    I have a lot of fun with the fugly party Lucy, that was such a good idea! :-)

  5. That's a very impressive stack of vintage fabric I would say! Hey, it's nearly the weekend here, rain is forecast so that can mean only one thing- sewing!!!! That will make me happy!!

  6. Still on cloud nine after receiving wonderful swap goodies from no less than wonderwoman Helen, aka Archie the Wonderdog!

    We got more snow last night and half term has begun for us! We are chilling in the chill!

  7. Fuglies of your own. Now you don't have to feel so bad about making yourself exempt from all the giveaways. And you still have a chance at my giveaway seeing as you made it a challenge to find it - which I think is hysterically funny!!

  8. Priceless... but could only happen to you!

  9. I can only see one ugly fabric there -- and I think I've got some of it in my own stash! :-)