Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Don't talk to strangers!

I'm going to start by linking up to Freshly Pieced:

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I have completed nothing since finishing Dave's Hacienda Quilt last week:

I'm joining the Rose and Star Block Party at My Selfsewn Life, so there's lots of this:

And I'm trying to finish two sewing cases (one for me, one for a friend) before my machine totally self-destructs:

I now have 11 quilts I want to make :) The number is growing all the time and all the good inspiration out there is only going to bump this number up I'm sure!!
I'm going to try and focus and get one done at a time rather than driving myself crazy working on 11 (I so easily could!). So I'll stick to:

- Charming Rainbow Stars Quilt using this pattern and the charms from a rainbow colour charm swap

- I also really need to work on making myself another zip pouch because it's clearly needed!

Really the more sewing I do the more stuff I accumulate!

Moving on to other things I met a real life blogging friend today, Rachel who blogs at mammafairy sews. I was nervous because I was always taught to be wary of strangers but after a few emails and blog reading you really feel like you know someone! We agreed to meet up and have some cake but because it's hard for me to get very far with no car in the daytime I asked her round to my house :)
I was worried she might think I was a bit mad but she agreed, came for a cup of tea and we had a great time!! I might have talked her ear off (as us full time mums tend to do!!) but she was so easy to talk to. She was fascinating and wonderful company. My daughter was also very taken with her and enjoyed playing with playdough while we chatted.
I have to say though this enamour was in part due to the fact that she brought an amazingly delicious homemade cake and two jars of jam with her ;)

The 3 of us seem to have consumed nearly 1/4 of the cake!! The biggest piece went to the little girl, she loves cake but it was largely to keep her mouth full so the two of us could talk ;)

What a great early birthday party!! Thank you so much Rachel, you really are very kind and we hope you'll come again!

Although here comes the bit where I hang my head in shame and I can almost see Erin cracking her whip whilst shaking her fist at me! Why? Because today is:

Weigh In Wednesday

I realise I will have to work hard to burn off those calories but I'm doing something right because:

week's loss: -3lbs
exercise: 4 hours plus walking

Hope I can keep it up and don't blow it tomorrow! (you know, because it's my birthday!!) I'll also be announcing the winner of my giveaway tomorrow evening so if you've not entered hurry :)

Oh and I'm safe to count Rachel as an actual friend now but I feel I should give some sort of safety announcement and a reminder not to talk to strangers:


  1. hehe, yes looks like you need another zip pouch! A zip pouch for your zippers maybe? hehe

    Happy almost birthday! I can't wait to come back tomorrow and find out that I won your giveaway. ;-)

  2. The rainbow stars and star flower quilts look as if they're going to be great. I can't believe you've got 9 more planned!

  3. Well done on the loss! So sod it, and have another slice :-) thanks for the link to the charm star pattern, I'm totally stuck for ideas with my 100's of rainbow charms!

  4. I promise, That cake is from a totally non fattening recipe- as long as you only look!

    ( I have already signed out of google, but you know who I am....)

  5. Well done on the 3 pound loss!
    Don't be too hard on yourself when it comes to eating something yummy on your birthday, it is only once a year after all! :)

  6. Good job on the 3 lbs loss! I bet you are feeling pretty good about that. Keep going! Also, thank you for the link to the charm pack pattern - I've been looking for fun patterns for the twenty or so charm packs that are sitting in a storage box.

  7. Go girl! 3lbs is awesome. I laughed out loud at the cake pic... right before your Weigh In Wednesday link up. ;)

  8. Three pounds in one week? Way to GO! :) 11 quilts? Wow. Sew on, Lucy! How great that you got to meet a fellow blogger that lives so close by. Sounds like fun!

  9. A zippered pouch for zippers????? Pure GENIUS Lucy!! I am being quite serious too :)

    Now I believe it is the 12th so happy happy birthday to you!! Have a fab day! mx

  10. 3 lbs!! That's fabulous! You must be so pleased. You deserved a piece of cake as a reward.

  11. so glad you had a good must have been all the talking that burnt off the calories xx

  12. That hacienda quilt is truly amazing! Wow!

  13. Happy Birthday, Lucy! Good job on the weight loss, too. Of course you should indulge for your birthday! And how fun that you got to meet a bloggy friend in real life!

  14. Congratulations on the loss - you're doing great!! And meeting a bloggy friend IRL life sounds fun!

  15. Oh Lucy! Happy Birthday! So glad you got to meet a bloggy friend. If you need someone to take that cake off your hands so you are not tempted to eat all of it.......

  16. Lol about the talking to strangers, glad you had a good time anyway :oD