Back with another Aurifil Artisan project! This month I was sent some gorgeous Free Spirit fabrics to play with, along with a spool of 50 weight thread. I received two cuts of the stunning Little Fluffy Clouds in Cloud, Daydreamer by Tula Pink and a deep purple solid (which I think might be Tula Pink Solids in Tanzanite?!). The Daydreamer collection has some really stunning prints, including one called Lucy! 

The Little Fluffy Clouds print is a beautiful ombre, from yellow to green to blue - you get a better sense of it in this picture from the Free Spirit website (and there are two other colourways of this print available): 

ummed and ahed about what to make for some time. I was a bit stumped. For inspiration I turned to my bookmarks, all the web pages I have saved for later, to one day make projects from tutorials. What a great resource! Though it turns out some of them no longer exist and many weren't right for these fabrics... but I did hit on a winner. 
I used this tutorial by quarter inch mark to make window zippered pouches. Each one is unique, I used different coloured zips and chose to do something a bit different on the back of one of them. The pouches came together quickly, Chase's tutorial is excellent. I did have to cut down the back pieces slightly but I guess that's to do with the width of the zips. Not all zips are the same width it seems but it was easy to correct by simply trimming the excess fabric. The finished pouches are so neat, there are no raw seams and I used my favourite glitter vinyl of course!

I used the 50 weight thread in #4093 that I was sent for all the piecing and top stitching. I could have used it to machine sew the binding down too but I love hand binding so chose instead to use 50wt #1231 for the print binding and 40wt #1243 for the purple - I like 50wt for binding but since that colour was so perfect and was what I had, I used the 40wt instead.

For a little added touch, I decided to use some of the offcut bits of fabric to 'decorate' the back of one of the pouches. I was inspired by the Nars holiday 2021 collection sets and I could have actually used ribbon but it made sense to use up the scraps of fabric. I'm not bothered that it will likely fray, the texture is so nice and I simply used one or two lines of stitching to hold the strips in place. 

Totally random placement, so fun to make!

When making more than one item, it would be rude not to keep one for yourself. I claim this one, I love the lime zip and the way you can see all the colours of the print. I did try to pay attention to the direction of the clouds and put the sunshine at the top. It really looks like more than one fabric!

I kept the backs of the other two plain, using the solid purple and for the binding too. It works nicely to give more of a contrast and frame the prints on the front.

Handily, these pouches are the perfect size for spools of thread or little gift bars of chocolate. Also perfect for gift giving, which these are destined to be. 'Tis the season!

If you fancy making some pouches, do check out Chase's tutorial or at least bookmark it - it might come in useful one day ;)

Thank you to both the Aurifil team and the Free Spirit team for sending me the fabrics and thread used for these makes