It took a year...

How it started...

How it's going... 


It's not often I complete something in a year, my work in progress pile can attest to that! This stitch-a-long is the third one I've completed from Modern Folk Embroidery, obviously I highly recommend his patterns and this was a joy to stitch. It was lovely receiving the next part of the pattern each month and I've really enjoying seeing all the other versions as they've been stitched on instagram #MFESAL2021, so many interesting colour combinations. The pattern is The Fruits of Plenty. Also see my previous stitchings, Love Thy Neighbour - better pictures in progress here and Kindness & Fortitude - shows how different patterns can look depending on your choices.

This was the final part for the month of December, it was a little sad putting in those last stitches because it meant it was over but I'm so pleased with the finish.

My favourite floss is Aurifloss and I chose to use a peach and a terracota -ish colour for my project. The colours are Peach #2215 and Pumpkin Spice #2395. I stitched 2 over 2 on 32 count Belfast Linen in the colour Linen Pink - a pretty pale pink that is a nice warm background for the floss.

When I started stitching I used a Q-snap frame and a grime guard I made (details in this post) and while I do like working with a hoop or frame, I then discovered the sewing method and stitching in hand, from the lovely Kimberly and The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch. If you haven't tried it I would encourage you to watch their tutorial video, as it shows a couple of different options and plenty of tips. I believe this is how Jacob of Modern Folk Embroidery prefers to stitch too, so I'm in great company!
I do like using beeswax for conditioning the thread, it's not essential but it does smooth the floss and makes stitching (especially on linen) a little easier. I got the beeswax in the above picture from a local beekeeper, if you don't have a local source then there are some lovely sellers on Etsy, like Cobble and Hive.

In so many ways it is hard to believe a year has passed but then time has warped even more in the past couple of years, it feels like a lot of time has been lost. I recommend a stitch-a-long as a marker for time if you need one!! This was the half way point...

I now realise I don't have pictures of the back but trust me I got messier as I went along ;) I did start with good intentions and tried to keep the back as neat as possible but ultimately I don't really care what the back looks like and it can get frustrating. I would much prefer to stitch as I please and enjoy the process rather than care about the backside.

The pattern called for initials but rather than just add my own, I added my husband, myself and the first initials of our three children. I love it.

And just like that... 34613 crosses later, the pattern is complete.

This coming year I would like to get all my complete cross stitch projects framed and I very much look forward to having this beauty on display. Having said that before about previous pieces, I really need to make this happen!