An important part of the process is quilt labelling. Do you label your quilts? 

Despite not yet having a finish, the idea for a label came to me and I jumped right in! There's no point in waiting to create, might as well stitch when the mood strikes. Here I show you my process for making this label, share some favourite tools and there's a chance to win a jar of Hemline Gold needles.

The label is for the Manx Log Cabin coverlet that I've been working on for some time. I have assembled the blocks and the front was machine sewn. It did feel like cheating, after sewing all the blocks by hand it felt a bit wrong to machine sew them together. It also wasn't wrong! Because I really didn't want to sew them together by hand, sewing them on the machine meant it was done more quickly and that part was finished in a couple of sessions. It wasn't a super fast sew though, you have to be so careful not to catch the back of the block and in some areas my seam allowances weren't that big so it was a bit tricky. Still quicker!

I'm now working on hand sewing the seams on the back. I was really looking forward to this bit and I'm enjoying it as much as sewing the block themselves. Folding the edges and doing a ladder stitch to finish the seams, it's so methodical and relaxing. Also I used a variety of woven fabrics for the back so the textures are just lovely.

Like I said, even though it's not finished yet I have every intention of completing it soon-ish and so the label is ready for when it's done!
I designed the label in a blank canvas on PicMonkey, picking two different fonts for interest and elements to represent sunbeams and shadow. It's a simple design and I'm happy with it, it reminds me of a stamp.

Rather than go with a coloured fabric or prints, I used up some calico I had to stitch the design on. I traced it using my favourite water erasable pen and hooped it up ready for stitching. I was thrilled to be sent some Hemline Gold embroidery/crewel needles by Groves Ltd to try. Can you spot the lovely glass jar?!

Instead of stitching in black, I chose thread colours that coordinated with the quilt blocks. I felt like the pink/peach colours worked nicely for 'sunshine', navy for the 'shadow' and mint for the rest.

Aurifloss in #4020, #2435, #2530, #2835, #2783 and #2745
Hemline Gold embroidery/crewel needles

Although I didn't use any fancy stitches (only back stitch and a French knot), to mix things up I used a combination of hot pink and peach thread for the sunbeams and used two / three / four strands on different areas. Using more strands for the main 'sunshine & shadow' text so that it stands out.

The needles were wonderful to work with, you get a good variety of sizes in the jar and they have a long eye so even with four or six strands there is no struggle to thread the needle. I found the needle to be really smooth, there was no snagging while stitching. With all the hand sewing / embroidery / cross stitch I do, I know that a needle is not just a needle. Quality matters and I am picky. Some are too thick, too short, too bendy, not flexible enough. It's similar to finding the perfect pen for writing. The Hemline Gold needles were just right and I definitely recommend them.

The jar contains 2 each of sizes 3, 5 & 9 and 4 of size 7. The plastic free packaging is well thought out - but don't throw the cardboard in the recycling bin before you cut out the brilliant little labels on the base! You can easily identify which ones are in the jar by adding in the labels and there are different types of needles available in the Hemline Gold range so it's a good way of knowing what's what. A very clever idea.

You can enter my instagram giveaway to win a jar of Hemline Gold Embroidery/Crewel hand sewing needles - I have four jars to give away! 

Visit my instagram and comment on the picture of the needles for your chance to win. UK entries only, ends 8pm Monday 31st May.

I have yet to decided exactly how to sew the label on, I'm thinking of cutting out a circle, the same size as the hoop and possibly doing raw edge applique. It will fit nicely with the texture and hand made nature of the coverlet. I need to finish sewing it first, so we'll see!

Thank you to Groves Ltd for sending me the needles to use and give away. Check out their instagram to see more from the Hemline Gold range and plenty of other lovely sewing goodies!