Isn't this such a cute bowl?! I made it using Go-Go Kim's fantastic pattern 'Go-Go Bowl', available from Go-Go Kim Sews on Etsy or on Craftsy

I loved making it, the pattern is really well written with great instructions. The blanket stitching was so meditative and simple hand sewing during the evening is my favourite thing to do. This would look lovely in so many fabrics but I went with a retro / modern mix. 

Thread is a big passion of mine, I like trying different brands and types. I got some Fil Au Chinois Gloving thread from Sajou last year and it's such good quality, strong but fine. So I thought I would try their embroidery thread too and picked out some pretty colours:

I also bought this Garnish Awl. After doing the Sew Sturdy Travel Organizers class and seeing how Annie used her stiletto, I really wanted to try one. Despite looking everywhere I couldn't find an awl, I thought we had one but suspect it might have been a big DIY one anyway! So this cute green one will be perfect. She uses it to help her sew at the machine, to hold things in place or any time when you want to put your fingers close to the needle but can't. When I start to use it I will let you know if it is as handy as it she makes it seem, I suspect it will be.

Sajou also kindly sent these lovely thread cards with my order, I especially love the Eiffel tower one!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, my kids are back at school tomorrow so I might be able to crack on with some sewing projects!


*If you click the link to Sajou and make a purchase you and I will both receive a €5.00 voucher so we can buy more goodies! Once you've registered you will get a code to share with people too.