Glitter and shine and confetti! Fabric and vinyl and zip! That's what Laura's new pattern is made of. The Glitter It All Pouch is so good. One of those makes where you smile through the whole process. It is so fun and the clear instructions make it simple and quick to put together.

It just so happened that my friend Jayne had kindly given a LOAD of craft supplies to me for the kids (and totally helped my sanity over the summer!). Amongst the goodies was this cool letter confetti:

I mixed in some fine holographic glitter for extra sparkle and I had the perfect print to go with it, probably now unavailable as it is a couple of years old, Practice your Handwriting in Manilla Apple, School Days by American Jane.

I probably went a little overboard with the glitter, it would be more transparent has I used less but then I did shake it up to take these photos, the glitter freely moves around. I can't stop shaking it!

These would be such great gifts for kids, teens or any one that likes sparkle! You can get so many different types of glitter and confetti - you can find stars, hearts, flowers, smiley faces, Christmas, Easter, numbers, unicorns... the list goes on (and that was just a quick Google for metallic confetti!).

You don't even to have to buy confetti or glitter, remember the joy of emptying a hole punch? If you have any shiny card or even just different colours (it doesn't have to sparkle!), you could hole punch to your hearts content and use those shapes. Get creative and play!

You can download Laura's free Glitter It All Pouch pattern from Craftsy now!