More progress on my Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew-along blocks based on the letters in the book! These blocks were all hand pieced. To see my tutorial click here.

#32 Fanny
I enjoyed this positive account of farming life contrasted against her siblings, "They live in towns and work all day with other people's plans and problems". I used the brown sprinkles for "the dark earth" and florals, "an opalescent haze of coral and violet buds". The Lucky Strike print perfectly reflects her happy and fun attitude, "This is life!".

#27 Dinah
There is so much in this letter that strikes a chord with me - how I feel, despite the problems, about the joys of my home. 
"My home: It is sweet to hear my children laugh and play. There is still romance in waiting for Daddy to come in from the field. There is deep content in having someone to quarrel with, to love, to take care of, the scold and to forgive."
I chose prints that were busy, dark with gentle, to give movement and contrast. Work and play!

#33 Farmer's Wife
This farmer's wife talks about the benefits of raising her seven children on the farm. "The finest advantage I can offer my children is this chance to know nature intimately". So I chose the brown floral and used it with the pink sprinkles for the love she has for the farm. "I'm thrilled when anyone speaks of me as a farmer's wife. I'm proud of the name."

They also look like pink cats, or foxes or batman!