I may have mentioned it before but I have big love for stationery! Depending on my mood it's a close call between stationery and fabric as my favourite thing. There is joy in using quality pens and pencils, especially in my sewing projects. Today I am sharing some of the uni-ball range and showing you how I have been using them.

The Shalaku mechanical pencil is the most comfortable pencil to use with a really cool button on the side to easily adjust the lead, a nice grip and a clear fine line.

I have been using it for hand piecing and it draws so smoothly on fabric! I usually use a washable ink fabric pen but I am converted to the pencil side now. It also can be used for marking out appliqué shapes and I noticed how well it blends in when I did some needle turn appliqué.

Next I wanted to experiment with using uni-ball Pin drawing pens on fabric because they have fade and water resistant ink.

I used the Pin 03 to create a label for my latest mini quilt and tested by writing it out once and going over it, then another one (after messing up!) which I went over twice. So on the left pictures below it was written once but the 'I' twice and on the right pictures it was written three times.

After a run through the washing machine while it was still wet (at this point I was worried!!):

Dry and much improved! There is still a bit of bleed  but the words written once or twice were fine. I think writing your label and then going over the letters once is perfect, three times is too much ink!

Next up I had some crafting fun with the kids using Posca markers.

We had a couple of different sizes and colours to play with and they draw beautifully, I especially like the metallic ultra fine Posca markers. They also wash off easily, which is fantastic when you have three kiddos making all kinds of mess!! My children love Posca markers because they aren't 'kids' pens and they like to be proper artists.

I tried them out on glass and enjoyed experimenting, super easy to clean up your design or wipe it all away with a baby wipe.

It takes some work to get the colour distributed how you want and build up layers but there's loads of scope for being really creative and personalising glasses and mugs and more! 

For me I am definitely sticking to using uni-ball pens and pencils for sewing, writing and designing projects. The Shalaku mechanical pencil is a favourite and the uni-ball Pin fine line pens are welcome additions to my sewing arsenal!

Uni-ball kindly sent me these items to review on my blog, all opinions and times spent crafting with abandon are my own.

The uni-ball products mentioned are available in the UK at most supermarkets, WHSmith, Ryman, online from Cult Pens or to buy online from Amazon click here.