What a day!! I had so much fun, meeting up with lovely quilty friends and pottering around the Festival of Quilts. It's such a huge exhibition, I really wish I could spend more than one day there but I packed in as much as possible!

There was SO many quilts on display - if you can I would encourage you to visit the show or at least check out social media or other blogs so you can see more! Here are just a few of the beautiful quilts that caught my eye:

 The Talent Show by Jane Hill

Colour: An Exploded View by Jennifer Letchet 

 Abacus by Hannah Gravett

 details of Atom by Brenda Sanders

 Warholian Cabbages by Nicholas Ball

Needles and Thread by Mary Mayne

detail of Needles and Thread by Mary Mayne

 Development Opportunity by Chris English

 Off-centre Medallion by Jo Avery

 X Doesn't Mark the Spot by Nicholas Ball and Trudi Wood

 Yellow Signs by Ramona Conconi

 Antique quilt - part of the Kaffe Fassett gallery

Crepuscular by Lynn Carson Harris

Beautiful printed fabric and art work by Penelope Jeffries

La Passacaglia by Nicola Howard Hobbs

 Map Wilanow (District of Warsaw) by Anna Slawinska

 A Beach Story by Tatyana Duffie

 Forget-me-not by Amanda Ogden

detail of Forget-me-not by Amanda Ogden 

Carousel by Clare O'Rourke

 detail of Carousel by Clare O'Rourke

 Priory Squared by Trudi Wood and Trudi herself!

 detail of Priory Squared by Trudi Wood

 detail of Penny My Daughter by Belinda Jeffries

detail of Penny My Daughter by Belinda Jeffries

And some funny pictures of these crazy ladies!!

Helen @indiannadreams, Trudi @trudi_wood, Angela @heartofcharnwood, Nicky @nickyeglinton and me @charmaboutyou!
(next time we need to get a selfie Moira!!)

I will be back to show you what I got (only a couple of bits, but they are good!) and the most wonderful gift from my friend Nicky... as soon as I have recovered!

**If I have included your work and you would prefer me to remove it please let me know! I did ask permission from artists when I could.