My daughter is going to a birthday party and of course that means I make a gift to give the birthday girl. I'm making a zip bag, with her name appliquéd on one side and a butterfly on the other. I'm going with 'rustic' looking zig zag appliqué and had the bright idea of using my lovely dark brown #4241 Aurifil 12wt thread for the body and antennae. It looks great but I was too daft to think of changing my bobbin thread so ended up with glaring bits of white thread:

Obviously I could have unpicked it and changed the bobbin thread but I'm too tired/lazy/busy for such sensible behaviour, so instead I coloured it in with a Sharpie.

Job done. I promise it looks better in real life! And I'm going with 'rustic' remember?! I have quilts to make people ;) Now lets hope I can finish it properly without resorting to cheating!

There are great free appliqué patterns here, including letters, numbers and instructions (that don't include the use of Sharpies!).

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