I think I'm nuts. I have no grasp on reality. It's so unlikely I will finish all of this by the beginning of October but what the heck it's a good way for me to keep an eye on my ongoing projects and if I did finish one and hadn't put it on the list I'd be gutted ;) 

So here is my Finish Along list for Quarter 3 AKA the 'Lucy you are nuts and will never achieve all those projects with so much hand stitchery unless you hire skilled sewing minions' list...

#1 - Hand quilt Vintage quilt - A commission to finish hand quilting this vintage hexie quilt, which has been started and worked on by three generations of women. Not a project to rush at all but I would like to think I can work away at it a little at a time and get it finished.

#2 - Secret quilt - Pattern testing and so far very pleased with my points!

#3 - Buggy liner - I had originally bought this Rocket Age fabric simply because I loved it and thought I could use Fred as an excuse to make something with it but my friend spied it and wanted me to make her a buggy liner for the warmer months and so I'm using a couple of these to do just that.

#4 - Two pillowcase dresses - a commission and I'm excited to use my lovely Tula!

#5 - Two more pillowcase dresses - these ones are for my girls using pretty Essentials by Pat Bravo prints.

#6 - Skirt - I got this bargain fabric from Minerva Crafts and am going to attempt to make myself a skirt! They have lots of clearance sale fabrics, great for dressmaking and most under £3 a metre.

 #7 and #8 - Two secret projects - the first is the orange project, it's a secret and it's orangey; the second is also a secret and uses some mini charms.

#9 - Scottie Dogs - using more mini charms.

#10 - One for me!!! - I'm making myself a project from the book Quilting on the Go using yummy Cotton and Steel!

#11 - A small make - for this month's theme at Le Challenge.

#12 - Japanese x and + Quilt - using Arizona by April Rhodes because I love it!

So that's all my new stuff, here's the projects that haven't been finished since the last FAL list (or last few FAL lists I've made!)

#11 - Liberty hexies - they are so tiny what was I thinking?! I don't have time to such little fiddly things! Get turned into something already... though they are so pretty!

#12 - Rose Star Quilt - how I love thee. Hexie borders in progress. I might be putting this off because I don't want it to end or because I've run out of wadding!! :(

#13 - Embroidered poem - so so close to finishing but didn't want to rush just to link up last quarter.

#14 - Butterfly Quilt - Saving my last bit of wadding to get this basted since it's for my daughter and I want it done so she can stop asking me about it... though I will be hand quilting it.

#15 - Star flower quilt - whatever... ran out of wadding... more excuses... languishing.

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