Whatever it is they'll be saying about me now! I'm under strict instructions from the optician to wear my glasses all the time and I have to admit everything seems to be in HD since I got them.

An eye test and a pair of men's glasses (the women's all looked like I'd borrowed them from one of my kids they were so small) for the princely sum of £30 - thank you Specsavers! I feel quite Clark Kent in them and that makes me happy.

I got some much needed supplies this week:

Zips from Rickety Rose Crafts (adore that lime one!) and some dark green DMC perle thread.

And my mum got the kids a couple of sets of these pens - I love the text on them!

Now be nice about my glasses or you'll have to deal with my crew and we've got some seriously silly faces we can pull at you...

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Molli Sparkles