It's finished, I love it and I'm going to enjoy hand sewing and quilting even more with my feet up on my new footstool. It was made using a brilliant pattern called Remixed Ottoman by Penny Jameson. I just had to make this after seeing the beautiful one Adrianne made when she took a class at Stitch Playroom in Christchurch, New Zealand. She very kindly put me in touch with them (thanks again Adrianne!) and I ordered the pattern. If you want a copy of the pattern the Stitch Playroom website has a contact us page where you could make an enquiry. 

The pattern is easy to follow and well written with full size templates and helpful diagrams. Even making the zip closure wasn't difficult. Stuffing it is (as the pattern recommends) definitely a two person job! Although by the end I was using a little ceramic jug to squeeze a few more polystyrene beads in.

I used dotty fabrics from Terry's Fabrics in Smoke, Sage, Powder Blue and Lime. The Smoke and Sage are great soft colours, I like the vintage feel of the Powder Blue but that Lime really pops and adds a nice vibrancy. I also chose to have visible selvedges because they are so cool, I like the numbers and also the washing instruction icons. It feels nice and sturdy but it's still lightweight, using home dec fabrics and lots of quilting gives it great shape and stability.

The 'LOVE' cross stitch worked out really well using DMC Soluble Aida Canvas, you can get the pattern here. I spent a lot of time deciding what to stitch on it. I wanted something I would love looking at, that would be nice for the whole family and meant something to me. My husband and I saw the Love sculpture by Robert Indiana in New York while we were on our honeymoon so it's a romantic reminder for us too. I slightly messed up my count but you'd have a hard time seeing it I think and since I'd already quilted the top when I decided to stitch it and had to push through three layers there was no way I was unpicking anything!! Regardless I love it and I love my footstool. It's a final check off my Q2 FAL list.

It's also proving to be a popular stool / play thing for the kids, though I'm trying to discourage it and failing ;)

and finish it up friday at crazy mom quilts