Firstly I took this picture and then realised how many of the elements were handmade and I love that it all gets used (just to be clear my children don't sleep on the floor, this was playing!)

Secondly I was talking with my husband about who we'd invite to a imaginary dinner party (and it would have to be since we never have any!!). Here's who I'd choose:

- Paul Newman - my hero for many reasons, read some of what he's said here and you'll know why... one of my favourite quotes would be this one: People stay married because they want to, not because the doors are locked.
- Johnny Cash - just awesome
- June Carter Cash - bet she has some stories
- Fred Astaire - just love him
- Maya Angelou - my favourite poet
- Oprah Winfrey - I just have a feeling I could talk to her forever
- Drew Barrymore - love

- Ryan Gosling - clearly I don't need a reason but, if you haven't seen it already, this really helps.

**my daughter just saw a picture of Ryan and said 'he looks like Daddy', now you know why I'm so happily married!! ;) **

I believe that was the order I 'invited' them in!! Ryan was a bit late to my party but it suddenly occurred to me how brilliant he is and wouldn't it be cool for him to meet Paul Newman, since in my opinion he is destined to be as amazing. As my husband put it Paul could pass Ryan the torch.

Watch both these films... then watch 'Crazy, Stupid, Love.' - awful name, hilarious film!

Now clearly this list would change depending on my mood or what day it is but I do love these folk and an evening with them would be awesome sauce.

So who'd be at your imaginary dinner??

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