Wednesday, 30 January 2013

baby brain

It is all consuming, I have no room left in my brain for anything else!! I guess nature quite rightly makes it that way :)

I haven't really been working on much - occasionally in the evenings I've been English paper piecing together more of my rose stars. It is slow work and it is getting difficult to work on. My plan is to put bits together until they are so big it is awkward to work on and then put those bigger bits together - does that even make sense?? If anyone who has paper pieced has any tips or suggestions on piecing the top together please let me know!

I also plan to embellish some baby grows to make them more girly or just a bit more interesting - I'm not sure what I'm going to do but it'd be nice to make some cute things.

I can't help myself but admire all the gorgeous baby and kids fabrics out there and here's some I've had my eye on from my sponsors:

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  1. Keeping family life going and looking after a baby is more than enough for any woman. I have no idea how you paper piece too. Respect Lucy! Di x

  2. Your rose stars are just fabulous.No idea to how to do it.

  3. enjoy this time xx your sewing will be there when you are ready xx

  4. Just treat yourself gently! The baby smiles and cuddles are fleeting, the sewing will wait. As will dusting and cleaning. Get loads of cuddles and kisses in while you can!

    I think with paper piecing assembly, you just have to keep on going till it is done.I never found an easy answer. But I never did anything as big as yours either!


  5. What, you haven't whipped up a quilt since the wee one arrived, what have you been doing, sitting around eating bon bons? ;o)

  6. If you can take some of the papers out as they aren't needed it makes sewing the bigger sections together easier ; )
    Feet up? Check.
    Cup of tea? Check.
    Hubby making dinner?

  7. love those Berenstain bear dots.
    and the EPP looks so rad. i know what you mean by it's getting awkward, your plan sounds spot on to me, I do the same! i LOVE the different low volume backgrounds, excellent work.

  8. I did the same thing with my EEP project. I ended up making 4 quadrants and then putting them together.
    Well... if I am really honest, that is what I should have done, but I really made 4 blobs and then laid them out and tried to figure out where I would have to add hexie flowers to make them all fit together.

    I don't know how you are getting your stitching done though. I just had a baby four months ago and had to put all of my EPP on the back burner. I use to stitch in the evening and now the evenings have turned into baby holding/feeding/please, please, fall asleep time. :)

  9. I was thinking the same thing about my EPP (Jazz Hands) blocks last night! I am just about over this- and you did so many more than me! Yours is looking great! Don't forget to rest too!

  10. Rose Stars looking really pretty, my hexie project got cumbersome but just show it who's boss!
    While you mentioned babygros thought I would say that I have a drawer of "special" ones that my daughter has kept from G/daughter's first few months - I am planning to make a wee something out of them.

  11. The EPP is looking fabulous, and you're right about building bigger sections, from small and then putting them together, it's the easiest way i've found to do it, and you're working with larger sections for less time. Enjoy the time with Lois and when you get time and the will, you'll get back to doing more sewing, we'll still be here! : )

  12. The rose stars look great together! Cannot help you though :(

  13. I have no idea how you're doing anything other than getting dressed and feeding everyone, never mind sewing and blogging - I think you're a marvel ;o)

    I'm currently joining my hexies (seventeen down, 178 to go!) and I was going to make big blobs then join them together but after joining two sets of eight together I decided that adding them one at a time was the way to go. It'll mean it's not particularly portable but I think it'll be easier to manage...I'm not sure if this will translate to EPP (and seems to disagree with all the other advice!) but I thought I'd throw my penn'orth in!
    P.S. They're looking fabulous!
    P.P.S. I'm assuming you're removing the papers once the piece is surrounded?

  14. Help ma boab, you are wonder woman! Although I am having a right old giggle at Katy up there.

  15. Just be careful not to sew Lois into anything!!

  16. I'm so totally impressed that you're blogging and sewing at this point. Most ladies would be trying to sleep while you're doing all of this! Amazing.

  17. Yes, I'm also doing the Rose Star and it's taking me ages, too. I like planning each new star but have bought far too much fabric.
    Pauline ;-}

  18. I'm so glad you asked the question about how to piece the whole top together. If I stay on track, I probably won't even get to worry about that until May. Thumbs down. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for background fabrics, though. I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I love your neutrals :-) Seeing your progress is totally inspiring :-D