Thursday, 8 November 2012

shopping retro and some art

I love my original (70s/80s?) rotary phone but it's seen better days. You can't call out on it anymore and since I'm pregnant and there could be some great need to dial out (since mobiles and cordless phones aren't always reliable I shall forever stick to corded phones - oh and there's no electrical plug socket anywhere near the phone socket anyway - 1930s house!)... my wonderful mum has agreed to get me one for an early Christmas present. It didn't take much looking because look what the amazing John Lewis stock!!

GPO 1970s Retro Push Button Dialling Phone, Ivory

Clearly it's not quite as awesome as the original one but it has push buttons for those hideous times you have to press numbers to speak to someone and, you know, it works!! You can get them in black or red too and they also have 1960s versions. There's even a 1930s one and princess phones too.

It is a bit pricey but it will last forever (until some change in technology leaves it void) and there's NOTHING like the sound of these phones ringing. No annoying bleepy noises or jingly tunes, just a proper ring:

Yes I youtubed it!! It's worth it for the ring alone but then I realised I also love the sound of the rotary when you are dialling out *sigh*

I have been looking on Ebay for a butter dish (mine mysteriously cracked and no one is admitting anything!) and also a sugar jar (mine hasn't cracked but it's a horrible cheap thing from Ikea and it makes me sad). Anyway you know how when you see a word written lots of times it starts to look funny? Sugar is definitely one of those words. I kept saying Su-gar in my head. I haven't found anything perfect (and cheap enough) yet but it's fun looking at all the vintage jars and dishes people are selling!

David Shrigley: source

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to the opening of the David Shrigley exhibition at the Cornerhouse in Manchester, How Are You Feeling? I really like his work and so much of it makes me nod my head and/or laugh. I took a couple of pictures but if you get a chance to go and see it you definitely should!

There was some fun interactive stuff too and they even had little napping areas - so perfect for pregnant ladies!

sshhh don't tell hubbie I put this picture up - it's so funny though!!

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  1. I was really sad when BT came to put in a phone line that could deliver the Internet and the price was removing my old yellow dial up phone that was wired straight into the socket.

  2. I LOVE rotary phones, princess phones are my absolute favourite! They no longer work here though which makes me sad. I've often looked at getting a new model, but I'm too attached to my call display feature!

  3. It is the sound of the dial that makes me nostalgic about rotary phones. Di x

  4. Hehehe :-) Our one is red. Our retro phone that is. Love the souud of dialing!

  5. ohhhh, rotary phones!!!! I love them! But then I remember how annoying it was to dial internationally (and get the last digit wrong, inevitably!)

  6. I remember when we had a phone like that!! Happy days!

    P.S. The beep of the 'wrong number' alert has just made Archie leap out of bed and head, barking like a mad thing, to the front door!!

  7. Hubby and I were just talking about rotary phones last night. My family had one growing up and I miss the lovely sound it made whenever you dialed out. It's funny to think my kids will likely never get to use one, and maybe never even see one in person. Your new phone looks lovely, by the way! :)

  8. I always ALWAYS wanted a princess phone when I was growing up--would still love to have one. And on my iphone I have the old-fashioned ring tone. And your hubby is handsome!

  9. I'm afraid I'm at the age when I am no longer notalgic about rotary phones. In fact, when I was a very little girl, in the LATE '40s, early '50s, phones didn't even have a dial. You just picked up the receiver and the operator said "Operator" or "Number please" and she (always she) connected you. A dial phone was a novelty when it came to my (we had ice boxes, too, instead of refrigerators, but don't get me started on old-people-things) Have you looked at I know there are people in the UK that have shops there. You might find your sugar bowl and creamer there. Lots of vintage stuff! And, I agree with the writer above. Your hubby is very cute!

  10. We had that phone in two tone green! When it was new! and the phone itself belonged to BT, and they came out and repaired your phone when it didn't work!
    Oh how times change...

  11. What a great phone. I've wished for a rotary phone for some time!

  12. When I was a child our telephone number was 624...yes, I'm that old. I love the rotary sound too and seeing the youtube video reminds me of making calls from phone boxes - cost was 2p! Your phone is quite beautiful - enjoy.

  13. I inherited my nan's old rotary phone (which still has her phone number on the old piece of paper in the middle, cute!) and couldn't get it to work, it was all staticy and buzzy.

    Then my sister said, you have got a splitter in the line haven't you? Urm, nope I didn't but now I do and it works, hurrah! It's very quiet in the earpiece though so we have it plugged into one of the sockets for the ring (briiiing, briiiing) then just answer in another room lol!