As is now my custom, at the start of the year I chose one little word. I do this rather than make resolutions because quite honestly my resolutions would probably be the same every year! Instead, picking a word allows me to encapsulate my intentions for the year ahead. Focusing on a word gives me drive to achieve my goals and I can reflect on it daily. 

Should you be interested, you can read about my previous picks and feel free to adopt any of the following words for your 'one little word' if they speak to you:

2019 ~ Fortitude
2018 ~ Centre
2017 ~ Shift
2016 ~ Enthusiasm
2015 ~ More
2014 ~ Better

This year my word was going to be 'no'. Quite honestly I need to focus on things that things that help me grow, that benefit me somehow; stretch my capacity or expand my purpose. Too often I say yes to everything, whether it's out of duty or even just because it's 'new and shiny' and I want to join in the fun. That's alright but (I am stopping myself right here, as this is part of the problem. I am getting off track with my ambitions, and convincing myself that other projects aren't distractions is false). Working on other projects, agreeing to things that take time and energy, can be at the expense of time working on my own ideas and that time is important if I am going to make my designs a reality and accomplish my dream.

There's also that standard voice inside, the one that creeps up saying 'you can't do it'!
To avoid dealing with it head on, the distractions let me be kind of complacent. Not pushing myself and staying in a comfortable place. Last year's word really was a good one though, as I do feel now like I've got my strength back.

Sometimes you have to do nothing to work out what you want to do. It's continuing as I have definitely been easing my way into 2020. Less hustle, more reflection has led me to realise what my current priorities are. It's all too easy to get bogged down with other people's expectations, thoughts of 'I could've / should've' and all the general day to day to do lists. I want to be singularly determined in my focus. It is MY priority to get this ONE thing done. Oh and I'm totally over any thoughts about how selfish that is. Making myself / my work / my ambition a priority is not selfish, it's smart.

No clear impressions, either from above or from without, can be received by a mind turbid with excitement and agitated by a crowd of distractions. The stillness needed for the clear shining of light within is incompatible with hurry. 
~ Caroline Stephen, 1834-1909

I am laying out clear intentions this year and, however scared I might be about things not working out, want to be sure that my time is spent bringing them to fruition. I know what to do and I'm creating a plan and time frame for it. 

This past year has been settling into a routine - at work, with the kids - adjusting to working full time outside the home and having to make changes to my domestic routines too. There are not enough hours in the day to fit everything in I want to do but I can get so stuck with distractions. I find myself having nice down time, relaxing with hand sewing, making lists, planning, creating - all great stuff but not truly fulfilling me. I need to fill my cup with my next big move, actually a couple of moves (not literally though!). So there will be a leap, away from comfort and to something more unknown. 

Ready for more challenges, taking chances... 

to see where it goes...

And the word that is guiding me this year is CLEAR. It sums it all up: clear out what isn't needed, clear my mind of expectations and work with clear intention, clear up because otherwise everything gets too much. Say no and stay so clear. It feels fresh, like a new year should and I expect 'clear' will give me the clarity of purpose I need throughout 2020.

Do you have one little word for the year?