Jenni Smith has created a video series for Just One Quilt. In the films quilters talk about their story; what quilting means to them, their unique process and the benefits it brings them. Each quilter is obviously different and it's a fun way to get inspired and learn more about them.

Despite what my career history might suggest and the fact that I would happily speak in front of hundreds of people, there is always part of me that gets nervous when it comes to speaking about myself. What these films show is how valuable each and every creator's experience is, that we can learn from and encourage each other through our stories. And while we might approach things differently or have varying purposes, we are connected by our passion for making and the (sometimes unexpected) rewards that result from quilting.

A huge thank you to Jenni for including me in this project, as well as personally for championing and inspiring me so much.
It's a thrill to be in such excellent company, do check out the other quilters wonderful stories too!

Watch the film of my full story HERE